Sunday, July 10, 2016

Ordinary summer, extraordinary memories

Our summer's been another ordinary summer, much like the past I don't know, 17 summers with kids! That seems crazy to write, I've had kids of mine own for 17 summers, yet I remember my childhood summer's vividly.  Although there are ordinary moments abound, summer's are often pack full of extraordinary memories.

We celebrated the 4th in the ordinary manner...fireworks, food and family.  We started a tradition last year of getting half priced Sonic shakes, and then heading to O'Connor High School's field, to watch the Helotes fireworks.  I have learn a thing or two from last year...bring some entertainment for while you wait, like playing cards!

The kids annual 4th of July photo...

Food and Family...

Of course, there's lots of sleeping in, too much t.v. and technology, and plenty of fun in the sun. We try to fill the days with activities, including chores.  I'm trying something new this summer, chore cards.  I had success with last summer's grab bag, but new ideas give new motivation.  I used the business card template on Word to create this little card.  The kids get a punch or two for each chore they complete or help with. When filled with 12 punches, they can trade it in for a reward.  Lorelei has really taken to it and earned two trips to Target to get some things for her dolls.  The chore card pays for half and her own birthday money pays the other half.

Things like walking the dogs and watering the plants earn punches on the chore card.

Here's one of Lorelei's rewards.  She bought a cute Our Generation set from Target.  We turned a cardboard box into a doll size Lemonade stand!

Summer also means I'm always driving someone to sleepovers or to hang out with friends. This summer, Savannah's bestie moved to Galveston.  This has put a whole new meaning to chauffeuring kids around. I drove half way to Maddie's, to Columbus, Texas to meet her and her sister to pick up Savannah. That's 142 miles from our house!  When it was time to pick up again, we decided to make a day at the beach out of it, with an overnight stay at Maddie's families new place.

It was a beautiful night and a beautiful place.

Thanks Maddie!

Being near Houston allowed us to take some time to meet Roslene, on the way back home, for dinner and a carousel ride at the mall.

There are plenty more ordinary summer days to fill with extraordinary memories.


  1. How fun!! Glad savannah got to see her bestie ! Chore cards huh? Hmmm... not a bad idea! 🤔

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