Friday, June 15, 2018

Onward and upward continues...

The first week of summer is complete. It began with a true milestone event, Bailey's high school graduation. He had rehearsal first thing Monday morning. He went with friends. They grabbed breakfast, headed downtown and then back to a friend's house after to hang out for a bit. He called for ride home, since he had carpooled and hadn't driven himself. He wanted some downtime before the actual ceremony. Around 4:00 o'clock (mind you, we had to leave at 5:00 to get downtown), Bailey announced he wasn't going to his graduation. I'm not sure what changed or happened, but what I do know about Bailey is this: he hates crowds, he hates being the center of attention, he hates ceremonial traditions just for the sake of traditions. I was still shocked! I told him had he asked me two weeks ago if he could skip it, I might have been able to deal a bit better...but waiting till an hour before? After lots of talking, a bit of mommy guilt and some tears, he decided to go. He was angry...but going. I'm not going to made it tough to sit there and enjoy his success, when I knew he didn't want to be there. I do think he must have been a bit proud of himself, because there was a slight smile from him,when it was his turn on stage. He literally did not want any pomp and circumstance after either. Even though I had high hopes for lots of fabulous photos, it didn't quite happen. This boy of mine, has always been brilliant, determined and oh so stubborn. He has a special way about him, that you either understand or don't. Luckily...we do understand and love him unconditionally.

* Note...some photo quality is not the best. It's a big place. Unfortunately, my phone camera does not zoom as well as I'd like, and we no longer have a high quality SLR camera.

With a little convincing, he let me make a simple graduation announcement.

Before the ceremony...His class is about 800 students. Our school district, Northside, rents out the Alamodome for the week and holds two ceremonies a day.

Bailey is in the white sash, with a "bib". Each sash represented their achievements. White was for graduating Cum Laude, which means a GPA of 95-96.99. The bib represented the National Honor Society. They also announced his scholarship "Top 25 Presidential Scholarship" to Texas Tech University.

He's smiling! (I think!?)

After the ceremony...He really hated the cap and gown. He took it off immediately.

I can't believe how nice the Diploma is...pleather bound, satin embossed emblem, beautiful paper. don't know where my diploma is, but I know it wasn't this nice!

Northside also does a live webcast of the ceremony, which is a nice bonus. When we got home, we could still rewind and catch a closer glimpse of Bailey. It's still grainy because it's a photo of the computer screen...but it's a closer view. 

There's no looking back here he comes! His Texas Tech orientation is July 29-30th, where he'll register for classes. August 18-19 he'll move into the dorms. Classes begin August 27. We will spend time this summer getting more ways than one.

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Moving onward...Lorelei's turn.

I still can't exactly wrap my head around the idea that another school year is done. I know for sure I can wrap my head around the fact that the last Boyen is leaving Carson Elementary, and I will be all alone next year. For the past 10 years at least one (usually more), of my own children have been at school with me. Today was the Promotion Ceremony for Lorelei as a student, and me as a teacher. Planning this ceremony stresses me out just a bit, but it came together beautifully again this year. The 5th grade festivities actually began last Friday, June 1 with an amazing Carnival.

Promotion rehearsal with Bailey. He accompanied our music teacher and the students, on viola. It was a nice, personal touch.

Jonas got to skip his last day to be part of Lorelei's special day. We stopped for a morning treat at Starbucks of course! Savannah couldn't join us because she had finals.

I missed Lorelei walking up! I was too busy being a teacher, not so much in the mom mode yet.

Being departmentalized in 5th grade, Lorelei had 3 teachers this year, plus our amazing administration! Some of my favorite people are pictured here!

Lorelei received the Presidential Award today for having Master level scores on STAAR reading and math, as well as an A average in 5th grade.

The final performance of the sweetest song, "Will you Teach Me?"

I captured all her besties...pardon the closed eyes from Lorelei. The sun always gets her!

We are so proud of this little girl and can't believe she's moving onward to middle school!

My wonderful team...5th grade is truly my favorite grade to teach and be a part of everyday!

Tomorrow I'll finish up packing my room for summer. We'll have a restful weekend and then Bailey's big day is Monday...high school graduation! I'm sure I'll be a real crying mess on that night.  

Looking forward to honoring him and all his achievements too.

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Mayhem 2018...almost there.

Sometimes, even I have trouble keeping up with my own life. A dear friend Melinda and I were having coffee a few weeks back. I love catching up with her, talking about life and all the things that make it wonderful and hard all at the same time. We were talking about writing and books, something we both love. I told her I still feel inadequate to write a book about something, because I'm not truly an expert at anything. She simply stated, "Jen, you are an expert at juggling!" And she didn't mean flaming torches, although that how it feels some days. If I drop just one thing, it could all go down in flames. But she was right, I have found some crazy way to keep this Boyen Bunch all up in the air.

The month of May is a true juggling act around here. I have jokingly called it "Mayhem" for the last two years. As the kids have gotten older and into high school and middle school, it seems that every possible activity, birthday, concert and event is shoved into one month. Let's not forget the part where I'm a teacher too, and it's already an exhausting time of year for us. I'm not exactly sure how I've become an expert at "juggling", but I think I finally have my topic for my book...more to come on that! (I'd tell you my secrets to this balancing act here, but then you'd have no reason to read my book!) Honestly though, I'm not even sure how I do it sometimes, but I do know it's not always with grace and often it's down right ugly. Our full schedules lead to lots of fun and memory making, but we are definitely looking forward to summer, where we all can slow down and enjoy downtime. Only 13 days to go!

Lorelei had a fun outing with Girl Scouts.

And she had her final Fiesta Parade and party.

Savannah was inducted into the German National Honor Society.

And she had her Orchestra Banquet with Luke.

Lorelei has really progressed in diving. We are now working at an amazing Northside facility that was used to train the US Olympic athletes before Rio! She's now diving 4 days a week for 2 hours a day.

May brings two Boyen birthdays! Lorelei turned 11. We had a pizza bar and Marbleslab ice cream for family time and she had a small Boho styled sleepover party with friends.

John's birthday was the day of her sleepover ended. He is such a good guy to always share his birthday so graciously with Lorelei.

Lorelei had Camp Gladiator at Garcia. It's a day where the 7th and 8th graders help the incoming 6th graders, show them around and guide them on what to expect as middle schoolers.

Teacher appreciation week is something I always look forward to in May.

We were off to the Solar car races after a delay in April. I'm so proud to say we had a Carson team place 4th out 371 teams! The best part, it was Lorelei's team, the Jumping Giraffes!

That same weekend was Mother's day. Savannah following tradition, had the table set for me with a gift.

I took my mom for Starbuck' kids! It was a great morning.

More gifts were waiting when I got home.

My creative boys...Bailey composed a piano piece for me and Jonas (who's totally into the Simpson's right now) drew me this amazing picture.

Lorelei saw this porch pillow and knew I just had to have it!

This week has been equally full. Jonas had his GT field trip to Sea World. I helped chaperone.

This weekend has been packed with activities. After the field trip on Friday, I had Bunco with my teacher pals. Saturday, after my usual piano lessons, I chaperoned Jonas' orchestra group to the NISD Gym, to get them ready for their concert last night. I ran with Bailey to get him a stylish new do for prom. Back home to get his tux on and send him off to prom.
Finally John and I had "date" to Jonas' Mark Woods concert series called "Electrify Your Strings".


After...Prom ready!

Can you find Jonas is the 1,000 students! It was quite a show!

I always have a bit of anxious excitement before each family event, and then breathe a little sigh of relief when we have successfully completed each wonderful moment.

The rest of the month is equally full. Savannah has two more concerts, two doctors appointment next week, Lorelei's 5th grade activities. Thirteen days...till Lorelei's 5th grade promotion. The real kicker...just 4 weeks till Bailey graduates from high school.