Sunday, February 18, 2018

February's fine...

I'm tired right now, and not totally inspired to write, but happy to say, positive vibes and health have returned to the Boyen Bunch household. Earlier this week Jonas was running a fever...strep again! Luckily, no other Boyen's tend to catch strep, since we all have had our tonsils removed. He recovered quickly as was back at it. 

We've had lots going on already this month, fabulous February is underway. Bailey's put his down payment on his dorm room and will be rooming with a friend he's had since 5th grade. He was also offered his full scholarship and grant package. It's still mind blowing to think he'll be graduating in June and heading to college in August.

Lorelei's doing great in diving and already on Level 4. 

We took advantage of my free Grimaldi's pizza and had a wonderful family night out. It's hard to get all six of us out at the same time, especially with two busy teenagers in the house.  It was the perfect end to my birthday celebrations.

After lots of hard work and months of rehearsal, the Carson Choir was finally ready to present the musical, "Snow Biz". This was bittersweet, since this will be the last time one of my own kiddos will be in it, with me as the assistant director.

Someone had a hard time waking up the morning after the is exhausting!

Valentine's day traditions continue with pink pancakes for breakfast.

The very next day my dad turned 70! We had a nice dinner to celebrate this wonderful guy!

We actually had two concerts this past week, squeezed in between Valentine's and my dad's birthday.  Savannah had a concert Tuesday night and Jonas had one Thursday night.  Double concerts makes for a musically filled, busy week.

The kid's have tomorrow off (lucky!). I have staff development, which I have to admit, I don't mind much. It's nice to have adult time, with absolutely no kids at all!  Not mine or a classroom full. I guess in a way it IS a day off. I always try to look for that silver lining.

Happy President's Day!

Saturday, February 3, 2018

So long January...

I know it's not just me that thinks January 2018 was the longest month ever. Honestly, it was the roughest start to a year, that I can ever remember. I had so many wonderful plans and ideas for 2018...I was ready to take it ALL on. Until January 7th, when the flu struck! It hit us hard and fast...

Lorelei was the first to fall, with 102 fever when she woke up, with me taking a close second, within a few hours. By Tuesday, Jonas joined the flu club, followed by John on Thursday, and after several days of denial, Savannah admitted it was the flu on Sunday. Lorelei and I missed 5 days of school, something that has never happened to me in my entire teaching career. John swears in all our years together, I've never been that sick. Lorelei and I definitely got it the worse (besides my mom, who we accidentally shared with!). Bailey managed to not get the flu, but we think that's because he was the only one who got the flu last year! He had to have built up some immunity because of it. I was the lucky one who picked up secondary infections, bronchitis and a sinus infection, followed by laryngitis. Although I still have a slight cough, and a croaky voice, I'm finally healthy!

Notice on my 2018 vision board, the "Stay Healthy" in the corner.  I'd been doing so well before the flu hit...working out three days a week, eating well, kicked the soda habit.  Time to start over!

Day 1 of the flu...she was not looking so bad.

Day 2...we could still smile.

It was downhill from there...Day 3-7 were the worst!  Body aches, fevers, and so, so tired!

Since Lorelei and I had taken over the couch, if Jonas wasn't in his room, he was here. Both him and Lorelei had fevers hit 104.7!  Mine never went over 101...and I still felt like dying!

We did have some wonderfully exciting things happen this month. Lorelei received diving classes for Christmas. January 21 was her first class.  She loved it and was a natural! They said she was very "coachable."

This week wrapped up January with my 45th birthday! Jonas asked me how it felt to be half way to my grave! Not too bad, now that I feel better. The family did a great job making me feel special and loved on my big day.

John fried up some chicken tenders and fries for dinner. Lorelei and Savannah made my looked a bit rough, but tasted yummy. It was simple, but just what I needed to end the month.

The Boyen Bunch is certainly ready for a fabulous February!  

Friday, December 29, 2017

The hardest part of Christmas... that it ends. There's so much build up, preparations, anticipation and then suddenly, it's 11:00 a.m. on December 25th, and for the most part, it's all over. It makes we wonder if the better part of this deal isn't the advent days...the special, fun days counting up till Christmas. I was telling Savannah today, that the 12 days of Christmas start on Christmas day and go until January 5th. The holiday season seems to start on November 1 and comes to an abrupt halt on December 26. We decided to keep the Christmas decorations and tree up until the 5th, to savor and celebrate the whole holiday season.

By far my favorite activity with the kids (or even all by myself!) is hot chocolate, movies and the cozy fireplace. We cuddle up with a blanket, and watch Christmas movies, the good and the bad ones! The boys loved providing commentary to the romantic ones. The past few days we've watched a variety of flicks, kid and adult friendly. I just love it.

We spent a lot of December "elfing around", fun shenanigans that help in any way with Christmas. December was also full of many memorable moments, concerts, Bailey's acceptance into Texas Tech and even a snowfall!

Finland our elf , and his sidekick Spritely, had a lot of fun this season.

They really like Lorelei's poetry project for school based on e.e. cummings' poem, "little tree."

Although we found out quickly through e-mail that Bailey was accepted to Texas Tech, the official letter and welcome package came a week or so later. He also received a letter, with a merit scholarship offer for academics! He is thrilled to be a Red Raider!

December means holiday concerts. Jonas tied for 1st chair violins. Stinker never even practices!

Savannah's concert was the very same night. As soon as Jonas finished, we jumped in the car and headed to her's.

We had a couple Christmas parties this year. Lorelei's the only one who still has school parties. Nana was able to join her for the festivities.

John and I cleaned up and headed out for a lovely 5th grade team dinner party. Nothing better than yummy food and friends.

Savannah was my shopping buddy this year. It was wonderful to spend time together, just her and I.  We got all our shopping done in one, very long day! Thank goodness for generous students and gift cards. We were gone so long we had to have two meals out!

Christmas Eve crept up quickly. Nana outdid herself again, with a delicious spread of goodies and special gifts. The kids always say, Christmas Eve at my mom and dad's, is their favorite night of the year.

Christmas morning is so much calmer these days. No one wakes up at the crack of dawn. They are excited, but love their sleep too. It wasn't a huge Christmas. There were gifts, but I have found as the kids get older, there's less under the tree. They need less, they want less, and are just as happy.

Gifts from Santa are always extra special.

Lorelei was thrilled that Santa brought her an American Girl Doll, MaryEllen from the 1950's...her very first one. She played all day long with her.

We had a quiet day. Everyone really enjoyed playing with their new toys or video games. Savannah and I cracked opened some "bubbly" (sparkling apple cider) to accompany our movies! We curled up all afternoon watching movies.

The day after Christmas the girls and I headed out to take care of Christmas returns and exchanges.  Not too many...but enough to make a Starbucks stop necessary!

Yesterday John and I celebrated our 21st wedding anniversary. Lorelei made us sleep in. We could hear the clinking and smell something cooking. Lorelei was hard at work, by herself, making us an anniversary breakfast. She is so sweet and thoughtful.

It's plenty cold outside, and even colder weather is heading our way. We have just a few more days of break and I'm thrilled for the excuse to cuddle up and stay close to home.  

Stay warm friends...enjoy these last few days of 2017.  

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Ordinary moments...

"Time is a flowing river. Happy those who allow themselves to be carried, unresisting, with the current. They float through easy days. They live, unquestioning, in the moment."~Christopher Morley, Where the Blue Begins

Ever since Bailey turned 18, and all this college stuff started, I just sit in shock of where we are in life. I can't stop reflecting on these moments and how much they mean. John said to me a few weeks back, that I amaze him with how nothing really phases me (HA!). I looked at him and laughed. He said he doesn't know how I do it. It made me think. What is it that I do that makes it look as though nothing phases me? The quote above nails it. I go with the flow and live in the moment. I rarely think or plan any further than a few days, or week ahead. I look at each day individually. I also think of each ordinary moment as well...something extraordinary. These last few weeks have been full of magical everyday moments.

We started off our Thanksgiving break with a road trip to Lubbock to visit Texas Tech University.  The drive was so interesting, filled with wind turbines, cotton fields and oil drills. It was flat, with buttes out of nowhere and the bluest skies I've ever seen.

Our new favorite hotel, (not that we travel much) is Embassy Suites, and the one in Lubbock didn't disappoint. It was quite unique!

Lorelei wanted to play "Go Fish" but forgot to bring cards, so she made her own. She beat me twice and John once. We think the cards were rigged.

The breakfast buffet was delicious as always and the best part...I didn't have to make it! Our room was right off the courtyard. 

It was a cool crisp fall day. It truly felt like fall on campus. Leaves were changing colors and falling everywhere.

The architecture and sculptures all over campus were amazing. We all fell in love with Texas Tech!

Thanksgiving was soon after we returned home. My mom, as usual, hosted a beautiful dinner. 

We are always so grateful for her wonderful cooking. 

Thanks Nana and Papa!

Even though I said I wasn't read to embrace the holidays...well, I did! Even Bailey was surprised with how quickly I had up the Christmas decorations. We decided to go ahead again with our 4.5 foot Charlie Brown tree. We considered buying a new and larger tree this year, but I have to admit, there's something about this small one that I just love. 

Our elf Finland promptly arrived on December 1...I loved the look of awe Lorelei had.

For the very first time, we took both girls and Brieley, my niece, to see The Nutcracker. It was beautiful, as are these three girls!

As you can see in the photo (sandals times 3) Sunday, the day we went to see The Nutcracker, was rather warm, so you can imagine the surprise of our whole city when it snowed on Thursday night! I mean real snow...not "Texas" snow, but white fluffy snow that accumulated to nearly 2 inches and even lasted overnight.

It was magical...much like my life feels right now, in these ordinary moments.