Thursday, June 1, 2017

Moving onward...

I realize it's only been a few days since my previous post, but today was so amazing! All the work and stress really paid off in a beautiful, exciting and really fun promotion program.  I was honored to be a teacher and parent today!

The day was definitely a roller coaster of emotions...mainly for this momma!

I can't believe this is the last car ride to school he'll take with me!

His sweet kinder teacher had these kids Kinder picture in the hallway.  This definitely got my tears flowing.  He's top row, right.

Ready to walk the halls, one last time!

The cafeteria looked wonderful thanks to our amazing parent volunteers.

Here they come...

 Jonas received quite a few awards...two medals for his Masters level STAAR scores.

A trophy for a perfect score...100% on the STAAR Reading test.

Finally, the Presidential Award, given for 4th and 5th grade straight A averages, one advanced score on 4th grade STAAR and both advanced scores on 5th grade STAAR.  Only 10 kids out of 100...3 of these kiddos were in my class, so I was a proud mom and teacher!

They sang the most beautiful made me cry every time they rehearsed!  But I kept it together during the ceremony today.

He had a incredible year with these two, not only great teachers and colleagues,  but wonderful friends.

Partners in crime...

Your future is so bright Jonas!  We love you!

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