Monday, May 29, 2017

May-hem strikes again...

I wonder to myself at what point in our lives will the month of May get easier?  This May has been no different than the last few...packed full of family and school activities.  Last year, I had a sunny attitude of "I will survive. This is almost over. The end is in sight."  This year, I'm not convinced!

The biggest change this year, is that I'm teaching 5th grade and the team leader, which puts me in charge of the 5th grade promotion ceremony.  It's like throwing a wedding...invites, rehearsals, programs, entrance music, exit music, cake reception to follow!  And don't forget I have my own 5th grader, Jonas.  I'm taking him shopping for his "outfit" for the ceremony.  Heck, I even went  to get my own "make-over".  I realized my photo was going to be taken around 50 times with students on Thursday at the ceremony!  I could really use a cut and color!  Plus the two hours in the salon chair would force me to sit down!  Luckily we had the big "reception" on Friday for the kiddos, the 5th grade dance/party.  I can't even imagine if that was all on the same day!

May also means concert season.  Between the 4 kids, we had 4 concerts, even though they played together in two of them!  Bailey had 3 of them.  It's a blessing to have musically talented kids.  I can't complain really, because sports moms have to sit outside in the elements.  Music moms get to visit beautiful auditoriums!

Let's not forget the birthdays, teacher appreciation, Mother's day and Memorial day too!

Lorelei's Paris themed party was a hit!


John's birthday was the same day as Lorelei's party.  He sacrificed celebrating his own birthday to make  his delicious crepes, for a houseful of girls!

Just as we finished up the birthdays, we started with the first concert of May.  Jonas and Lorelei were both performing in the musical showcase at Carson. Jonas played the violin with the strings program.  Yes my friends, we have another violinist in the family!

Lorelei played the recorded, sang and danced.  She was adorable!

Cheesy and proud musicians!

Mother's day was simple and sweet.  John bought me a beautiful orchid.

The kids found some of my favorite things to help me celebrate and relax.

Of course, we went to our favorite place...the pool!

Jonas had Gladiator Camp that same week.  He's not so sure he's ready for middle school, mainly because most of his friends are going to other middle schools, not Garcia.  I promised him, that like Bailey and Savannah, he will make new lifelong friends and keep the old.  They will all meet back up in high school too.

The same night as Jonas' camp, Bailey had a YOSA concert!  It was probably the coolest YOSA concert I've been to so far.  They played  The Planets by Holst and projected cool imagery to match the planet they were playing about.

This guy is starting to look like a movie star!

The following Sunday he had his final YOSA concert, YOSApalooza.  It's amazing to hear all of the YOSA groups play at once.  There are so many of them, they have to play from the seats!

The final performance was their O'Connor High School End of Year concert.  Bailey and Savannah are both in the program this year.  It was Bailey's last high school performance though.  He isn't planning to take high school orchestra next year, but he will remain in YOSA.

The 5th grade festivities began too.  First event...the 5th grade dance/luau.  It was a ton of fun.


Jonas oblige us ladies with a picture!  He wants me to be sure to mention, that this sweet young lady is officially his girlfriend!

That same afternoon, a group of Jonas' closest friends were invited by his bestie to an evening of fun! They were picked up from school in a limo and taken to Urban Bricks, Orange Leaf and Main Event. What an amazing memory for these kiddos!  Jonas' bestie Xander and his family are a true blessing.  

Speaking of love...Savannah went and got herself a cutie of a boyfriend too!  Love is in the air with this Boyen Bunch.  They had their first date this weekend to a friend's quinceanera!  

Is it just me, or do they look alike! :)'s taken me 3 days to write this post.  I feel a bit more relaxed since I first started writing. Maybe, just maybe, we just might make it through this last week of school with our sanity intact! 

Summer vacation is just 4 days away!

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