Thursday, May 4, 2017

Family time...and lots of it!

When you have a big family, it seems inevitable that there would be lot of time together. But with full schedules, it doesn't always happen.  We've been lucky lately that there have been many activities that have lent themselves to family time.  We've have two 3 day weekends this past month which gave us just a taste of what the summer will bring! 

Lunch at our favorite Freddy's, with our favorite Nana!

This is his face every time I take a picture lately!

The weather has been quite up and down this days, warm sunny days...but many beautiful days for outdoor time and park time.

We tried out the pool too, but it was a bit too cold still!

Easter is changing a bit as the kids get older...Lorelei is still little enough to be eager to get to her Easter basket!

Egg dying on Easter morning...better late than never!

The Boyen Bunch all grown up...

 Pardon my closed was sunny!

As sunny as it was on Easter...our annual Solar Car race day was cloudy and cold!  Bummer!  The kids had fun and John is an amazing volunteer.  I couldn't sponsor Solar Cars without him.

We celebrated Fiesta at school...don't even ask why Jonas is wearing a skirt in the Carson Fiesta parade!

Fiesta gives us another day off in April!  Gotta love a city that parties so hard, it gives everyone an extra day off!  We took advantage by starting to celebrate Lorelei's birthday early and shop for Savannah's orchestra formal.

We had a very tough time finding a dress that fit and for the right price that she liked.  Although I was very hesitant to let her buy this one, my mom worked such a deal with the lady at JcPenny's, I had to let her get it! (Even if she did show a bit too much skin for my liking!) She did look stunning!

Yesterday was a real milestone around here...our baby girl hit the double digits!  Lorelei is 10!!!  She started her morning with gifts and coffee cake.

After school, we rushed home to whip up her favorite dinner of ribs!  Love how the boys photo bombed in both corners of the picture here!

John has been the chef and baker around her lately.  He slow cooked the ribs and made Lorelei this super fun rainbow birthday cake!  We love you Lala!

I took today off to help prep for a Paris themed birthday party we are throwing her on Saturday! She's so excited.  She is such a gracious girl, we a thrilled to do this for her.  John's birthday is also on Saturday and he wouldn't have it any other way...he loves sharing his day with Lorelei and her little girl friends!

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