Saturday, April 15, 2017

Spring's real!

Seriously, the hardest part of blogging for me sometimes is coming up with a catchy, but not too cheesy title to draw in readers.  It can literally prevent me from writing the post!  I've had plenty to write and share about these last few weeks, but couldn't come up with a great title. Silly, right?!!?  I feel like this title isn't what I'm really looking for, but will do for the moment because it's all I've been saying lately.  I finally understand the meaning of Spring fever!

We are at the turning point in the school year where Spring fever has really kicked in and teaching 5th graders at this time is much like keeping a mischievous heard of cats entertained.  They have taken their state assessments, they have registered for middle school, they have taken all their field trips and now it's like a very long and impatient waiting game for summer!  Love is blossoming, hormones are raging, voices are changing...good times!  Honestly though, I do think this is my favorite grade level to teach.  Trying at times, but so rewarding.

The icing on the cake this year is watching my own 5th grader blossom before my eyes.  I can't believe how much Jonas has changed just in the last 3 months.  He's growing like a weed, his personality is busting at the seams and he even asked a girl to the dance at school.  It's been a wonderful Spring for him.

This was at the STAAR Pep rally...Jonas is always involved in the school programs. He's quite a Carson leader.

The morning of STAAR testing...means a yummy and nutritious breakfast.

The Friday after STAAR the 5th grade had an amazing field trip to Sea World!

John had as much fun as the kids!

His personality is definitely shining through.

The girls went to a really great Bollywood themed birthday party for some dear friends of ours.

Savannah and Maddie were party helpers.

The following week was full...Bailey was inducted into a Math Honors society, Mu Alpha Theta.

Spring sunrises make the mornings worth getting up for...

I actually took a day off and spent some time with John.  We had lunch on the Riverwalk. It was a beautiful spring day.

Jonas also had a ceremony that week... he won an Award of Excellence for his writing.

By far the most exciting event that week was our first annual school Sock Hop!

Jonas asked a sweet girl and was a gentleman to her all evening.  I took a wonderful picture of them, but for privacy reasons, I will not post it.  Here's a cute shot of him in line with her to buy her a rootbeer float.  So sweet...

We had a rally Thursday to kick off Fiesta and Easter weekend...once again, Jonas was up front, rallying the students, showing his leadership once again.  I am really proud of the young man he is blossoming into.

Easter is tomorrow...We are looking forward to family time, fabulous food and fun!

Happy Easter friends!

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