Tuesday, December 20, 2016

All is calm...


December is practically over, as is 2016.

Christmas is just 5 days away.

There is a constant reminder that time is not in our control.  So, how do we make the most of it?  I have to realize that life is not the perfect picture we want it to be.  I have come to the conclusion, that nothing horrible will happen if I don't send out Christmas cards, or make homemade gifts, or even decorate the perfect size Christmas tree.  I have found joy in the little things.  Always trying to make the most of the ordinary moments.

I've grown to love our little 4 foot Christmas tree!  Simple and sweet.

Finland, our Elf appeared a bit earlier than usual.  Lorelei was thrilled.

The Carson Holiday Musical was a huge success!  I loved being in it together this year...Jonas' last performance, Lorelei's first and my 5th time as Assistant director.

But all that performing was exhausting!  The next day, Lorelei fell asleep in class!

Bailey and Savannah are back together again, making life a bit easier.  Only one Holiday Orchestra concert to attend!

Reindeer Days, the last week of school before break, are always fun.  Lorelei and I found cute holiday shirts to wear. (Thank you Wal-Mart!)

Yesterday was the first real day of break.  We spent it cleaning and doing laundry, of course!  I made soup for dinner.  Lorelei said, "You know what would really make it feel like Christmas?  Eating our soup from a mug!"  Funny girl!  We watched our first Hallmark cheesy Christmas movie, while eating our soup, in front of the fireplace.  It definitely feels like Christmas.

Even our cat Callie, seemed to know it was time for break!

I do have some little Christmas details to "wrap" up.  A bit of last minute shopping and maybe a homemade gift or two.  But mostly, I just want to enjoy the calm of the season with my family and friends.  In case I don't get back here...

Merry Christmas to all...

Peace, calm and joy to you.

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