Sunday, September 4, 2016


It's always amazing to me how suddenly, out of nowhere, it's September.  August flies by faster than any month of the year.  With the wrapping up of summer vacation, and the beginning of school, August is full of moments of anticipation and anxiety.

The end of August brought the first days of school...

My eager freshman, Savannah found the first week of school challenging and slightly overwhelming. After the second week, I think she's feeling more into the groove and going with the flow.

Jonas and Lorelei are off and running in 4th and 5th grade.  Jonas wasn't loving the new schedule in 5th grade initially, but he's found his groove too, and is loving having two awesome teachers this year.

Bailey is just an old pro...he's a junior this year and gets to enjoy such advantages as off campus lunch.  He's almost ready to get his driver's license.  A few more practice hours and he'll be off to take the test.  He's still loving his job at Kona Ice and managing work and school pretty well so far.

Our morning routine this year has been so much easier.  I credit that with Lorelei's new medicine. Since she started taking a prescription medicine to help her sleep and relax her restless legs at night, she wakes beautifully each morning, ready to go.  The morning sky in Texas is enough to inspire anyone to get out of bed and get going.

Off we go...

We are so excited about this first sign of fall...our pumpkins are growing!  Last year, in our annual tradition of smashing our pumpkins down the hill in our yard, Lorelei apparently made sure a hunk of pumpkin made it into our flower bed.  Imagine our surprise this summer when John pointed out our tiny pumpkin sprouts.  It's in full bloom now and we can't wait to see how big our pumpkins will be. We've been blessed with plenty of rain this summer, so it should be a success.  There are around a dozen blossoms.  We will keep you posted.

One of my favorite signs of football!  The #25 ranked Florida Gators had a slow start last night, but it ended in a great win 24-7 over Massachusetts.  I love Gator football and never miss a game!  It gives me something to look forward to every Saturday of fall.

Jonas announced earlier today, with complete shock in his voice, that this week is the 3rd week of school.  It's been a harder start for me than most years.  There's plenty of new things to get used to this year: new grade, new team, new curriculum, new rotation schedule, new classroom.  Fresh and new can be lovely, yet overwhelming at times.  Just this week, I finally felt like I was settling into things. This three day weekend couldn't have come at a more perfect time.  I love the way a weekend slows down so nicely, with that extra day off added, especially since it'll be spent with family tomorrow.  My mom and dad are having us over for a cookout, and I'm sure there may even be a little game of kickball!  Our favorite...

Happy Labor Day friends...enjoy the extra day.  And a great big welcome to September and fall.

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