Sunday, August 7, 2016


Helotes Hill Country Zipline...did you even know this place existed?  I know I have driven past the sign on Bandera Road, but honestly never paid much attention.  Because really, how awesome of a place can it be just two miles from my house?  I realize my house is on a hill and I know there are several large hills in our area, but I didn't realize what was literally in my own back yard.

A sweet boy from Savannah's 8th grade Science class has been persistently pestering her to go ziplining with him.  She tried to say no a dozen times, in a dozen different ways.  She finally agreed last minute when she asked if she could bring someone.  After a few tries of different friends, she settled on her daddy!  He's an adventure junky, and honestly in the last 10 years, hasn't had a whole lot of adventure.  Lorelei and I went along to take pictures and watch.  It looked exhilarating and breathtaking, but with my fear of heights, I said a polite, "no thank you!".

I was so proud of Savannah for not only ziplining, but probably making that sweet boy's YEAR!! He's been crushing on her since probably 3rd grade.  He even asked her to the 8th grade dance earlier this Spring, which she politely declined.  She has a kind heart and let him know that she was only interested in being friends.  Regardless, she faced a social fear and took a chance by going ziplining with him.  It certainly helped that we went, and she made her daddy's summer too!

Ready, set...


Savannah taking off on her first big run.

Go Savannah...she barely weighed enough to make it all the way across a few times!

John is the red blurb in this one.

Look super close on this one and you can see Savannah on her way back.

I think Savannah and John can definitely mark this one of their bucket list!

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