Tuesday, May 24, 2016

We can do hard things...(so say all the inspirational bloggers)!

Oh...but at what price!?!  May-hem has got the Boyen Bunch DOWN!

Sick and tired... strep throat for Jonas.

And this little girl is just plain old tired!

We finally finished up the May concert season with our final concerts last night.  We actually had two...Savannah's end of the year concert and Bailey's concert for his composition class.  It was of course, impossible to be at both. Savannah won last night, since I was at Bailey's YOSApalooza the night before.  I love these musicians of mine...but seriously 5 concerts in 7 days would exhaust anyone.

We also had a few things going on with the younger ones too.

Jonas had a GT Innovations Expo.

Lorelei is always hard at work on Saturdays at gymnastics.

Jonas had a concert too...recorders anyone?!?!

Mixed in there we threw a baby shower for Nicole, my co-worker and friend expecting her first baby! Not bad for a shower thrown in the school library. (I think I said the same words about the bridal shower we threw, just two year back!)

It was a sweet car theme with carnival style food for Nicole and baby Philip.

This morning...John called me outside to our backyard to see the wildflowers.  We'd been coming and going so much, I hadn't even noticed the backyard was full of these...firewheels.

Just six more days till we can all stop and smell the wildflowers?!? ;)  Because we CAN DO HARD THINGS!

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