Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Life is hard...and other ramblings, like Bailey turning 16!

Yesterday evening sucked.  There are no other words for it.  Monday morning Jonas woke up with a swollen face on one side, coincidentally the side with a cracked tooth.  It'd been hurting him on and off for a few weeks.  The dentist saw him for a cleaning and a check up, barely making mention of the cracked tooth.  Now this...

Luckily he has an appointment with the oral surgeon at 3:30 for a whole other issue.  Maybe we can work out a package deal! The dentist called in clindamycin, a very strong and nasty tasting antibiotic.  He could barely get down one dose and then threw up his second dose.  
Throw into the mix my newly turned 16 year old Bailey, had Region Orchestra tryouts at O'Connor till 9:00 p.m.!!  The good news, he got first chair!  The bad news, he has a huge Lord of the Flies 3-D map project due today.  He did not finish and will have to accept a deduction on his grade.
Lorelei has been a real pill lately too.  She's been sassy and full of attitude.  She threw a royal tantrum at bedtime last night, which resulted in me not cuddling up with her and putting her to bed, like she likes.    
Life's hard, whether your are 8, 9, 16 or 42!
Savannah's been good though!  Nothing exciting with her...thank goodness.
These are just the little things that make life hard.  I haven't shared on the blog some of the bigger life struggles we've been facing at our house, and I'm still not sure I'm ready to share.  I know there's hope and our future looks bright.  Our family is strong...I am strong.  When the time is right, I'll share more on this.  Until then...I'll stay positive, hopeful and encouraged, that things will turn around.
We did celebrate this weekend...Bailey turned 16!  I couldn't be prouder of the man he is becoming.  He's not driving yet, and doesn't even have his permit.  He's just too busy with school and music to worry about those kinds of things.  Although, I'm sure he'd love to have his driver's license, so he can go on official dates with his girlfriend!
Grinning at Maddie!

He wanted an at home sushi dinner.  My mom and dad came of course. Everyone worked together in the kitchen and just enjoyed hanging out.  Pretty low key celebration, just the way Bailey likes it.
October has flown by and writing is frequently, not my top priority, but after nights like last night and still dealing with the little issues of the day to day, writing grounds me.  It gives me that much needed reflection to see things aren't all bad.  In fact, things are pretty amazing.  It's the extraordinary life I get to live.
Other ordinary moments from October...
Four little pumpkins for my four little pumpkins!

Photo bomb by Lorelei!

O'Connor's Spaghetti dinner gave Savannah and Bailey a chance to play together!

Pantry remodel went great!  Some obvious cleanup still, but John did an amazing job!

YOSA at the Tobin.  First concert of the season.  Where's Bailey!?!

Neighborhood pumpkin patch visit.

School events, like the Fun Run!

National Night Out started the month off right...

Deep cleansing breaths of cool, fall air, will keep me grounded.  There's a beautiful full moon and Halloween is Saturday.  Jonas turns 10 on Monday, November 2 and then things will slow down for a bit before the major holidays take over again. 
Maybe I won't run away from home like I said on one said life would be easy. ;)

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