Monday, May 25, 2015

Merry is the month of May...

O, the month of May, the merry month of May,So frolic, so gay, and so green, so green, so green!

It has been a merry month and let's just say it...busy!  That over used word meaning: adj.  engaged or at work. Synonyms include: active, assiduous, swamped, engrossed, having a full plate, tied up.  It has been those words and more.  Definitely merry though, each crazy event this month has brought much merriment and joy to our family. 

May always begins for us with two very special birthdays and Mother's day all in the same week. May 3rd is our sweet baby girl Lorelei's birthday.  She turned 8 this year.  We celebrated with her very first slumber party!!  Wow...that was fun and exhausting!  We had 14 girls sleep over.  Well, some of them slept. 

Just three days later, we celebrated John's birthday!  His was a bit more low key.  His favorite dinner with cookies and ice cream for dessert.  Happy Birthday John!
Mother's Day was a quiet one this year.  Savannah had to be gone all day at a concert.  (We were bad and didn't go.  The tickets were $20 each!)  She made me breakfast before she left and then we had dinner with my mom and sister.
A super cool vintage laundry hamper, fixed up by my super sweet hubby,
 was a sweet Mother's day gift.

Mother's Day dinner. Jonas was the photographer.
It's been a month full of music.  May is concert season for the Boyen Bunch.  Bailey had his big YOSA Carmina Burana concert, his end of year concert for Health Careers, we went to see O'Connor's end of year concert, plus he's got State competition on Friday (he made it to State for his solo viola performance!) and he had an audition last week for O'Connor HS (he's leaving Health Careers and going to his home campus) and an audition Saturday for next year's YOSA. Whew!  Yesterday his Cloud 9 Quartet performed for Haven for Hope too.  Spreading the love of music!  Whether you're a mom of an athlete or a spend a lot of time running around!  Proud of my musicians.
Watching her big brother rehearse for Carmina Burana!

We were getting a bit bored waiting on Bailey!

First chair viola, varsity as a freshman.  Yes, this boy's got talent!
YOSA's big night...sold out concert!

Family photo op!

A couple blog posts back, I was approached by a representative of Mutual of Omaha's Aha Moments campaign.  They wanted me!  Yes, me to come and share an Aha Moment for their campaign.  I almost cancelled since the month was already so packed.  In addition to all the family obligations, I left off  telling about the school obligations from this month, like the Solar Cars race and the Talent Show at school.  I was truly swamped.  But I decided last minute, that this was something I needed to do for myself.  I'm so glad I did.  I talked about being a teacher and loving kids.  I think they wanted me to talk about being a mommy blogger...which I kind of regret not doing.  But my passion is for teaching...whether it's my own children at home, or the other 20 I call my kids, at school.  Regardless it was an amazing 30 minutes that I'm so glad I was part of.

This weekend was the big event to end the month of May for us...a wedding!  A wedding for my dear friend Roslene, who actually encouraged me to write this blog (and a book I still haven't written!).  Roslene's prayers were answered and she was blessed to find the man of her dreams...Jason.  This weekend we were part of the happy event.  The girls were in the wedding.  It was a beautiful ceremony.  We are so happy for this beautiful couple!
At the rehearsal.

We had a fun night and morning crashing my sister's hotel!  She was in Houston on business and let us have a "sleepover" in her room!

Wedding day...
Flower girl.

My pretty girls.

Junior Bridesmaid.

With the beautiful bride right before the ceremony begins.

The bridal party.

Doing the "Anniversary Dance". 


I forgot to get a picture with Ros until after I'd already changed clothes to head home!
Oh well...

Across from the Tobin Center, Vietnam War Memorial.
The picture above is a Vietnam War Memorial in downtown San Antonio.  I didn't even know it was there!  It's breath taking.  A perfect photo for this weekend.  We are always grateful for the many soldiers, including many family members, who served this country.
It really was a wonderful weekend.  We celebrated Memorial Day yesterday with a BBQ at my parents.  Today was all about catching up on chores, laundry and obviously blogging!! 
There are just two weeks of school left, (8 days with kids).  I am so looking forward to June!! Hopefully, it'll be just as merry as the month of May was.  :) 

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