Saturday, April 18, 2015

Little Celebrations...yes!

 It's only 9:30 and both Jonas and Lorelei are up, watching "Saturday morning cartoons" (aka Nick Jr.), eating a healthy breakfast together, while I blog and enjoy my coffee...yes!  Is it just me or do you have a little mental party all the time when you accomplish the smallest of things?  I was just telling John, how I always celebrate accomplishing things throughout my day, giving myself a little mental yes fist pump (think 3rd graders getting an answer right on a test), when I get the little things done.  Am I alone here fellow friends!?!  You know like, homework done...yes! Dinner's made...yes!  Replaced Bailey's broken viola bow (and the store did it with no argument for free)...yes!  Library books returned and no one lost one...yes!  Seriously!  Sometimes my days are just filled with these little celebrations, other days, I'm lucky to get in just one and that's OK too.  I'm not a great list maker or calendar keeper, so these moments are like crossing off something from a to do list or calendar...only mine is mental.  Feels just as good, these little celebrations.

We had some yes moments last Saturday.  We helped my mom out at her annual APDA Optimism Walk/5k.  It was rainy and damp, but we managed to still have fun while supporting a great cause.  Savannah and Maddie helped the most, manning the mid-way water station.  Savannah's working towards 50 hours of service to others.  Maddie, just likes to come along!  She's like my 5th child!  I'm so proud of Savannah's desire to help others.  Sweet girl!

John helped out too, taking photos. 
Jonas and Lorelei just came for the donuts and tacos! ;)

On the way home, we just had to check out Trader Joe's.  I have mixed feelings.  I wasn't really all that impressed.  We got a few things to try out.  It's all pretty yummy and maybe if there was one on our corner here in Helotes, I would frequent it...but not sure I'd drive over to Stone Oak just for a few things.  But the kids sure loved the mini carts!! Big ones included!!

All that fun required a nap...7 isn't too old for an afternoon nap.  Heck...I'm pretty sure I dozed off with her!!

Later that night, I introduce the kids to Trivial Pursuit, my all time favorite game.  Funny enough, Bailey, Savannah and Maddie were the first to quit after a few rounds of not knowing any answers.  Bailey blamed it on the year of the edition (1997), even though I told him that most of the questions were timeless.  But Jonas and my partner Lorelei stuck it out.  Jonas is such a brainiac and I just love that about him.  By the time we called the game, (to be continue tonight) he had 2 pie pieces and I only had 1!!  Smartie pants!!  He can't wait to pick up the game tonight.

Today is a simple audition for Bailey for the Cactus Pear Summer Music Festival.  It's a great opportunity for a free two week program full of San Antonio Symphony professionals, Master classes and private music sessions/lessons.  I'm pretty sure he's going to be selected!'s time for our monthly trip to the Igo Library.  The kids all love it and so do I.  Lorelei read every single book she checked out...yes!  ;)

Our evening will be all about the homemade pizza and family time.  It doesn't get much better.  I just love Saturdays!

Happiest day in the week to you all...enjoy your weekend.  Here's hoping you find many little celebrations today!

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