Saturday, March 28, 2015

The good, the bad and the ordinary...

...nothing too extraordinary.  At least going on at our house.  The last two weeks, have been kind of icky.  Icky is the perfect word to describe the mild slump I've been in.  It's not that anything terribly, horrible has happened, it's just been some not so nice little things.  On Thursday, I decided it was my attitude that needed adjustment, after all attitude is everything.  By the power of positive thinking, I turned my attitude around and Friday was a pretty great day. 

Friday's fun...the STAAR pep rally at school...The Bad: Standardized  Testing.  The Good:  Cheering on students with a fun theme...The O.S.C.A.Rs :  Outstanding Students Can Achieve Results.

Lorelei dressed all "Hollywood Glamour".

I know I can't complain, when so many bad things happen to good people.  However, the little things can sure make life hard sometimes.

Here's a bit of how things have gone the last two weeks...

1. The bad: Monday back to school after Spring break stacked full...PLC meeting 3:00 for me, UIL for Savannah 5:30, gymnastics for Lorelei 6:45, two Wal-mart stops in between.  Finally home at 8:00 p.m. The good: Savannah was 1st chair concert master!  She was amazing.  Plus I had some quality time with the girls, which included a fun dinner in the car (chips and Swedish fish do count as dinner right?!)!

2.  The bad: Tutoring started for STAAR reading (math is next month).  It's extra time at school, extra work and can be difficult to work with kids that aren't in your class.  The good:  It's an extra $30 an hour! ;)

3.  The Bad:  The traffic in this town stinks!!  I was late to work twice last week and once this week.  People can't drive, the construction is terrible. Doesn't seem to matter when I leave the house. I'm so grouchy by the time I get to school I can barely pull it together!  The good:  Extra time in the car to listen to Kidd Kraddick in the Morning. :)

4.  The Bad:  I dropped my favorite spoon rest.  It was shaped like a tea pot and had a lovely floral pattern.  My dad bought it for me years ago in Fredricksburg.  The good:  I saved all the shattered pieces and might do something creative with them...this summer!

5.  The Bad:  Lorelei is back to climbing into bed with me several nights a week.  She's having nightmares and new fears in her bedroom.  The good:  Extra cuddle time, but an exhausted mommy.

Lorelei sleeping on the couch instead of her "scary" room.  Lulu doesn't mind.

6.  The Bad:  Open house the week after Spring Break.  Thirteen hour day, putting a pretty smile on my face for parents even though I'm exhausted, super long day.  The good:  Food trucks!!!  We had amazing food trucks at school for dinner.  Plus, I really do love interacting with the parents.

7.  The Bad:  Our electricity went out Monday night for two hours, right during dinner.  The good:  I got out of cooking and hit the Taco Bell drive thru...GUILT FREE! 

8.  The Bad:  The kids have been fighting like crazy.  Spring fever I guess.  The good:  Finding comical treats left by one of them, for the other!!

This morning, John and I were talking all about attitude, positive outlook, you get what you expect out of life, etc.  I was thinking things would be really amazing today.  But then a big change up came our way. I kind of feel like I've been shoved right back into my slump. 

9.  The Bad:  Our cat Toby had some sudden weight loss, vomiting, lack of appetite, stopped grooming himself and purring.  There is no good...that was news we found out today that put me into my slump again.  We took him to the vet this morning and they found a mass...a tumor, cancer.  The diagnostic tests would cost $600, the removal and treatment possibly up to $3000 and the results would be the same...Toby will die of cancer. :(  She said to take him home, love on him and when his quality of life is no longer there, it's time to end his pain. 
If you are the praying kind...put in a prayer for our Toby, for a peaceful end, surrounded by love. 

Toby on the way to the vet this morning. :(

10.  The Bad: Tomorrow is Sunday.  It's always packed full...with laundry, grocery shopping and house cleaning.  Squeezing a week's worth of chores into about 8 hours.  The Good:  It starts a new week, which potentially means a brighter, happier time ahead, especially since we have Friday off for Easter weekend. 

Have a great week friends...hoping you can find a Good, for every Bad in your ordinary week, making it a bit more extraordinary.


  1. I love your "good" versus "bad" comparisons. As long as you keep finding good, you'll be alright. As for the broken spoon rest, I have all the supplies you need to make a mosaic something;) we have a Shamrock ceramic pie plate from my mom that got shattered, that is also waiting for a project. Let's repurpose them both sometime this summer

    1. Oh Carrie, Let's do that. We've been saying for too long that we were going to get together outside the hospital! Our kids can hang out and we can craft!! Sounds perfect!