Monday, February 16, 2015

So many words...

It's been awhile, I know.  No real excuses just keeps us wrapped up sometimes.  The words are constantly flowing in me, just getting to a device to get the words from my head into actual writing, sometimes just doesn't happen.  Some people have times when their thoughts race with worries, or to-do lists.  You know those times of day, like in the bathroom getting ready in the morning, or that nice long bubble bath, after a hard day at work.  That's not how my mind works.  Instead of worries and to-do's, I'm writing stories or blog posts.  I can come up with amazing ideas for posts or even entire chapter ideas for my book (yeah, I've only written the Prologue, but you have to start somewhere!).  My only problem is remembering what I've written in my head long enough to get it down on paper or typed up on the blog. 

January flew by and now half of February without a single word making it out of my head and into written word, until today.  I made a new year's intention (not resolution) to write more, not just blog, but journal with pen and paper as well.  For school, a couple weeks back we had Generation Texas week.  This focuses on the kids futures after high school.  We talked a lot about dreams in my class.  We even made a door for a contest themed "Dream big."  For Career day where we had to dress up as what we wanted to be one day...I "dressed" as a New York Times Best Selling Author.  One of my encouraging students told me he just knows one day I'm going to be rich.  He knows my book will be a best seller!  Wow, if only I had that much confidence in myself.  I don't even really think of myself as writer, even though I'm actually published in a book.  Yep, didn't make a dime, but I do have a short story published in a book, Teachers With the Courage to Give: Everyday Heroes Making a Difference in Our Classrooms (Call to Action Book). 

So, you would think I "feel" a writer, yet I don't.  I feel like all this writing is just lost in cyberspace, that I don't really have an audience reading.  But in the big picture, I guess it doesn't matter who's reading it, if I'm writing it, putting words to meaning and stories, I am a writer!

A writer must write...but a mother, must share pictures! ;)  Here's some things that have been going on around here while I've been "wrapped up" the last month or so.

Some beautiful winter weather allowed some park time before one of Bailey's concerts.

Bailey's fan club.  The usual crowd at his concerts.

A Side by Side concert with the San Antonio Symphony.

My birthday...made extra special by all the kids!

Savannah made cupcakes for my class!  I had the best day with them!

Dinner out at Burger Fi for my birthday.

My Dream Big door at school.

Homework time...the day to day at our house.
Bailey and his quintet Cloud 9 won 2nd place and $500!

Career day...Jonas the Wildlife Biologist, me the Author and Lorelei a 3rd grade teacher!

My mock up book cover for the day!

At school...

I don't always have time to write at home...
but I model good writing during Writer's workshop at school.

Valentine's day...breakfast tradition continues!

We also celebrated my dad's birthday!



I promise not to be a stranger, to make time to get the words out of my head and to be a real writer!

Write on friends...


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