Saturday, December 20, 2014

It's the most musical time of the year...

According to my delightful, compassionate 15 year old son (yes, there's a bit of sarcasm there), I'm not allowed to complain at all about my life.  You see according to him, it's all my fault.  I was the one who got married and decided to have 4 kids.  Well actually he said, 4 talented and smart kids.  He says if I had just followed my own musical career and been a professional pianist, I wouldn't be in my current situation.  Therefore, I'm not allowed to complain about my current lifestyle of being a chauffeur, chef and financial institution to my children.  It does seem that some months all I do is dish out money for this or that, run them all over town for rehearsals and concerts, and somewhere in between is feeding them, schooling them and sleep.  This morning, our first official morning of Christmas break and Bailey has rehearsal downtown at the Tobin Center for YOSA at 8:45.  He also had to have labs draw before (at 7:30) since he was fasting (he's on Accutane which means monthly labs).  A quick bite of Starbucks in the car, then off to play his viola till noon.

I have been running around like crazy, but it's been a delightful, musically filled month. 

And add two more concerts on December 28 and 29 for Bailey's quintet, Cloud 9!

Driving at the ranch...hard to believe he's ready for this!

Fun at the ranch.

Bailey's YOSA performance for the River Parade.

Finland our Elf on the Shelf returned!

Mackenzie, my student teacher's last day. :(

A night at the river to see Bailey play with YOSA again on a river barge for the San Antonio Museum of Art.

A sad goodbye to one of our favorite teachers, Mr. Kallead!

Carson's choir my spare time, I was the Assistant Director! ;)

Bailey's Region concert, 3rd Chair in the highest group as a freshman. 
Only beat out by upper classman.

If there wasn't enough going on Lulu got herself into trouble in the backyard.
Surgery, multiple stitches and $700 later!?

Sadly, this is the only tree up in the house.
It's Jonas' tree.  He bought it with his birthday money, plus all the decorations. Too cute!

Savannah's holiday concert.  Concert master/first chair for this girl!

Bailey's holiday concert...sorry no up close shot, but the church was beautiful and so was the music. 
If you look close, you can see him, seated... a standing student on the left and the conductor on the right.

We had our 2nd annual team Christmas party!  Yummy food and great friends.

Lorelei's Christmas class party!  She won pin the nose on Olaf!

Jonas at his Christmas party.

Last night...they got themselves all set up and cuddled up to watch a Christmas movie.
Ten minutes later...
 Now for the last minute prep to make the season merry and bright. 

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