Wednesday, November 26, 2014

With gratitude for time...

Time to~

Get kids to appointments.  In the last 5 days we've been to the dermatologist, eye doctor, ENT and for lab work.  I had the time to get to each appointment, with each of the different kids and got to enjoy one on one time in some instances. Saturday, Bailey and I made it to the eye doctor alone, helped each other pick out glasses, window shopped at La Cantera and enjoyed a Starbucks together.  (Sorry no pictures...he wouldn't let me take one!). Monday, Savannah had an ENT follow up and final visit.  We enjoyed some alone time, that also included some Christmas shopping and lunch after.  Tuesday, Bailey had to get some labs draw and Lorelei tagged along.  That included another Starbucks trip and a haircut for Bailey (Sorry still no pics allowed!)

Last visit to Dr. Moe.  All is well!

Old Navy dressing room selfie.

We've had time for outside play and relaxing.

Fall in Texas.

It looks warm and sunny, but it was actually a bit chilly for a picnic.

I needed a warm cup of coffee at the picnic.

Time for silliness and hanging out with a fur friends.

Lulu loves to lick Lorelei! (A little alliteration for your enjoyment.)

Time for library visits and reading.

I love the way she listens to him read by staring off into the distance.

It's been a beautiful week.

There's always plenty of time to enjoy music, but a Thanksgiving Eve concert was especially nice.

Is that a smile I see?

Cloud 9's Winter Concert for family.  This is Bailey's quintet of friends.  They are quite amazing.
Of course, I'm grateful for so many more things, but this week, I've been truly grateful for the time with my kids.

Tomorrow will be filled with more family time, with my parents, my sister and her family.  Time spent eating, talking, laughing, playing...time to cherish.

Happy Thanksgiving!  May your day be filled with "time" with your family, friends and loved ones.

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