Monday, November 10, 2014

Fabulous Fall...

October and early November have always proved to be quite hectic around our house.  As a teacher, it's conference time.  Twice to 3 times a week for the past month, I have added an extra hour to my school day to meet with students and parents.  I love it though, and so do the parents.  I have just one more left tomorrow!  Yee-haw!

As a parent, the last month was full of concerts, holidays and birthdays.  Whew!  Fun, fabulous, but fiercely exhausting!  It sure does make the time fly.  My mom always says on the 4th of July, "It'll be Christmas before you know it!"  October went by in such a hurry, and November is already nearly half over!  At Walmart yesterday I saw a sign that said 48 days till Christmas!  You can bet those 48 days fly by!

There have been many big things happening with the Boyen Bunch...

Pumpkin painting

Savannah's Hauntcert.
Bailey wanted a quiet, no frills birthday.  He turned 15!!

Jonas got glasses.  He's so handsome.
Bailey's in the highest level of YOSA this year, the Philharmonic group.  They get to perform at the Tobin Center!  It was an amazing night!

Nana and Jonas looking awfully dapper for the concert.

Proud of their big brother!

The star of the night, at least for our family.

Halloween was fall-ish and fun...

Jonas was Jack from the Magic Treehouse series, Lorelei was a genie,
Savannah was a big baby and Bailey was his usual self!

Bailey had a sweet 16 party to attend.  His first real high school party!

And the other birthday boy turned 9!

He had the cutest apple harvest themed party.

We have a new family member...Lulu!  John rescued her from the streets of downtown.  She was roaming the street.  We are pretty sure she's a toy fox terrier, just like our first dog Jupiter.  He was a great dog, and she's proving to be amazing as well. 

Love this silly girl...this was Saturday at a friend's birthday.

Nine days of school till our Thanksgiving break.  A much needed week off to just hang out, and be thankful for the many blessings  in this extraordinary life of ours.


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