Thursday, October 16, 2014


Yes, it's ridiculous to say you remember something like it was yesterday, yet everyone has one of those moments where it's like time suddenly stood still and memories flood back, like they were tucked away in a perfect little time capsule.  It happened for me tonight and yesterday. 

I've been to the pumpkin patch with my kids, more times than I can count.  Yesterday I went with Lorelei on her last class field trip to the pumpkin patch.
Mommy time with Lorelei.

My sweet girl!

I've been with Bailey 3 times, Savannah once, Jonas twice and this was Lorelei's 3rd trip.  One of the very first times I ever took the kids to the pumpkin patch was to that exact one.  Savannah was 5 months and Bailey was about to turn 3.  I could literally still picture them there amongst all the pumpkins...they looked something like this...

Savannah's first Halloween, 5 months old

The beginning of Bailey hating to have his picture taken!!! At Love Creek Orchard's Fall Festival. 

He was a happy guy and sometimes even "cheese-d" it up for the camera.

Tonight I watched Bailey perform at his first high school concert, tall, cool and handsome.  A bit of a ladies man, the girls definitely like him.  In fact, I did not even see him interact with any other boys, just girls!  I got a bit teary eyed, because I could so easily picture that sweet boy in the picture above.  That very same sweet boy is now a young man about to be 15 in 8 days!!


There's those moments that help you to mark an ordinary day, with a special something that makes it extraordinary.  Tonight's concert, yesterday's pumpkin patch and this...
They've been playing together from the very beginning...

These two...besties, always together.  Jonas was teaching her to play chess last night.
 Remembering it it was yesterday.

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