Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Ready or's August!

I'm pretty sure every teacher cringes when the calendar changes to August 1st, maybe every mother too.  It marks the beginning of the end (oh yes, that sounds so dramatic! but true).  This year I did something different that any other year...I embraced August 1st and made it our new official back to school shopping day!  Last Friday, the kids and I headed out to tackle back-to-school shopping.  By far, the earliest I have ever gone. It really revved everyone up, and got their mind set on the fact school was starting soon.  Nothing like shiny new pencils, notebooks and backpacks!  We headed to Target, just me and the 4 kiddos.  Savannah, my little organizer, had everyone's lists organized and ready to check off.  It's kind of awesome how she took the lead on this.  She was clearly in charge of this project, so I stepped back and let her go!  She helped the little ones find all their things and neatly organize them in the cart, then she found hers.  She had a few stressful moments, but overall I still can't believe how she headed the whole thing up.  Bailey helped too, but was getting bored with the whole thing because he has no idea what he needs for high school (do they even give out supply lists in high school!).  When we headed to check out, she even asked the cashier to be sure to bag the supplies separately to avoid having to re-organize the supplies for each kid at home!  Loved it!

We had some lunch then headed out to Old Navy for $10 jeans and $5 t-shirts! Awesome!

Refueling for more back to school shopping!

Like clockwork, however, my work email started "dinging" off the hook on August 1.  I actually have to work Friday this week, Tuesday and Friday next week and then teacher work week starts for me August 18.  School things have started as well.  Bailey has orchestra camp this week at Health Careers, his new high school.  I started the week feeling confident and proud, not at all sentimental like I thought, wishing my boy was still little.  Instead, I was just proud of the amazing young man he has grown into.  However, this morning, I saw something that made my stomach flip and my heart ache just a bit...

Reality can be harsh! Ha!  Inside I don't feel over 20 something, how could I even have a child old enough for high school!  Must face the truth sometime! :)

We've still been doing as many summery, fun things as possible...trying to make memories to last a lifetime.

Summer fun at Lake Boerne

Game nights!

Special outings with my little ones!

Loved our library time this summer and are planning to keep it up once school starts!

Pool time shenanigans!

Barnes and Nobles kept us entertained on many occasions this summer!

B & N's Frozen family night!

Chillaxin at Nana's and Papa's on Sunday afternoon!  We
had just finished a mean game of kick ball!

We have a countdown on our August calendar...18 days left of summer.  There's still plenty to look forward to in the next few weeks.  Bailey has his first mini sleep away camp for YOSA, next weekend.  It'll be a great way to wrap up his summer.  Savannah's heading to Sea World today with a friend.  Jonas and Lorelei are pretty easy to please, so I'll find something special for them to cap off our awesome summer.

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