Thursday, July 24, 2014

Giving back to others...

This past Saturday, my mom had her 21st annual Symposium for Parkinson's disease.  Savannah has been an active volunteer with my mom's support groups since around second grade.  In the past two years, she become a regular part of the once a month support group meetings and a great help at their annual walk-a-thon and symposium.  She's made cupcakes for the silent auction for the past two years.  This year her cupcakes brought in $70.00!!  All donated to the American Parkinson's Association.  The National newsletter has decided to run a story on her volunteer work!  We are of course, proud of her generous heart.  She just loves these patients and let me tell you...they love her!  So many people came up to me to tell me just how much she means to them and how special she I didn't already know! ;)

Bailey did a bit of volunteering at the Symposium as well, in his own way.  He and some friends created a string quintet called Cloud 9.  They have had two volunteer performances this month and a 3rd coming up this Sunday.  They performed at a local nursing home, and at the Symposium as background music during registration.  The patients loved it.  My mom said she received many e-mails complimenting the group and asking if they could perform again.  They are an amazing group of kids...talented and kind.  If you have an event or an idea where they could perform, please let me know! 

Lorelei joined in a bit too, with the giving back to others...mostly with her cuteness. ;) Jonas stayed home, but I know his kind heart will find a way to give back one day soon.  He's always been an amazing helper in his classroom, so I'm sure we'll find a way to get him involved where he feels comfortable.

I think my favorite part of the kids giving back to their community, is the fact that they both came up with these things on their encouragement from me and not because they are trying to make service hours.  It's because they truly care about others.  And that makes a mama's heart swell.

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