Tuesday, July 1, 2014

An ordinary June, begins an extraordinary summer...

So far this summer we've...

~Enjoyed our backyard and all it's Texas charm, including the fire pit for roasted marshmallows and the peaceful hammock.


Sister time.
~The heat of summer hasn't quite arrived, so when asked if they could go to the park, they weren't met with a "'s too hot!" 

At the park near the Igo library after a little book time.
~Of course, there's been a lot of swimming at our favorite pool!

An activity all four love!

Savannah just loves this hat on me...;)

Nighttime swims are fun too.
~Our creative time this summer has included lots of painting with acrylics.  All of us really enjoy being creative in some capacity...sometimes painting, drawing, colored pencils, clay and a recent new craft, peg people.

Some of our works in progress.
~And then there was the birthdays!  Three to celebrate in a four day time span.  My niece Brieley turned 5 and opted for lunch at Red Robin and movies on the lawn in Helotes.

Savannah was sung to at Red Robin too!
Lorelei and Brieley at the movies on the lawn.

Next was Savannah's  12th birthday...the family tradition of waking up to presents at the table with decorations was continued.

The kids expect's a great tradition.

We snuck out before everyone else woke up for coffee and a little breakfast at Starbucks. 
This might need to be a new tradition!
She had a few friends over to celebrate.  No cake, just ice cream sundaes. 

Blowing out the candles on the ice cream!
The final birthday was my sister Kim's, also known as Titi...She wanted to swim for her birthday.  We were lucky a dear friend of Savannah's, Isa was in town to join in with us.

We had a day at the pool again.

~Bailey is keeping up with his music this summer with his group, a string quintet known as Cloud 9.  They gave a parent performance.  Truly an amazing group of young performers.  They will be playing at the Mystic Park Rehabilitation Center on July 12. 

These kids make beautiful music!
~There are many home projects that need to be done this summer, but I started with Lorelei's room.  It's coming along.

Tackling toy clutter...

A few shots after.
~A final birthday celebration, grown up style...a girls night out at Painting with a Twist.

They are bluebonnets...not blue pine cones!
~Lorelei had a milestone, an outing all day with a friend that I did not go along to.  She was a little uneasy, but had a great day.

Ready for her big girl day out.
~Summer feels like it's all about the food.  With three meals a day, and all the snacking, I swear I've spent more time at the grocery store and in the kitchen than any where else!  Ice cream has become a nightly treat! 

Ice cream with the works, Magic shell, whip cream, sprinkles and a cherry on top!
Luckily I get some help in the kitchen sometimes...mostly from this sweetie!

Summer salad bar prepared with Lorelei's help!

Trying to keep things fun in the kitchen and not so hot, so we've been creative with all the awesome summer veggies.  Last night was a salad bar with lots of healthy choices.  It kind of balances out all that ice cream! ;)

Jonas and Lorelei were proud of the salad creations.

June was pretty ordinary around here...typical summer fun. It hasn't been too ordinary because not one kid has yet to say I'm bored!  I haven't been bored yet either...just enjoying all the moments together.

Looking forward to this weekend and the 4th of July.  John has a couple extra days off for us to spend some time together just the 6 of us.  We celebrate not only our country's freedom, but the beginning of the Boyen Bunch.  On July 4, 1991 John and I met, and pretty much fell in love at first sight.  July 4th has lots of special meaning to us.  We are excited about a family outing to the ranch in Junction, Texas. 

Happy summer friends!

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