Sunday, March 2, 2014

February sucked...and other observations.

I began writing this post 3 weeks ago.  The conversation below took place on Saturday, February 15th, my Dad's 66th birthday.

Lorelei:  So mommy, about Busia.
Me: Yes...
Lorelei:  A sick, can make you so sick, that you can die?
Me: Yes and old age too.
Lorelei: Yea...Busia was 92.
Me:  Yes, she was.
Lorelei:  I'm glad Nana's not 92.

Sunday February 9th began a bit differently than most of my Sundays.  I received a phone call from my dad around 9:00 a.m. letting me know that my Grandma, whom we've fondly referred to as Busia since she became a great grandma, had passed away after a 3 week struggle in hospice.  The rest of the morning was a blur of phone calls, booking plane tickets, making hard decisions, and emotions.  At first, honestly, I didn't want to go to Detroit to attend her funeral.  I'd already missed a lot of work this year with my hysterectomy, I'd have to make sub plans, find my favorite subs and most difficult of all...leave my children.  I'd never been away from them for anything more than a night.  But it was done, I was heading to Detroit on Tuesday for my Grandmother's funeral.

I won't go into too many details.  It was a terrible and great trip,all at the same time.  I was thrilled to be there for my mom, who really needed support.  It was amazing to see some of my favorite relatives that I hadn't seen since my sister's wedding, or even further back to my own wedding!  You know how it goes, weddings and funerals bring families together.  I was glad I was there to say goodbye to an incredible, wonderful woman, who has always inspired me in ways I think she didn't even know.  She was a working mother during a time when working mothers didn't really even exist.  She was feisty, funny and loved food and feeding us.  That's what I'll remember most about her...her laugh ad her food. I totally blame my addiction to chips and French onion dip on her!

Once I got back, school stuff started going to hell in a hand basket (what does that saying even mean!?!?).  The subs did great while I was gone, and so did my class.  However, we had 2 weeks in a row of district benchmarks.  They nearly killed the kids and least it killed our confidence. :(  Our scores were just not where I think they should have been or all the work we have done.  Honestly, I just don't think 8 and 9 year olds are ready for standardized testing!  They just are mature enough, developmentally ready enough to face these tests with real seriousness.  I actually had kids take a 46 question math test, without working out a single problem!?!?  They just circled answers.  And really who can blame them...who really wants to answer 46 math problems in one sitting at the age of 8!  I was in such a horrible place this week, a horrible mood.  I just feel a total loss of control.  They only real way to get these kids ready to take the state STAAR test is to spend the next few weeks drilling them with practice test and teaching specifically to passing this test.  This goes completely against all my beliefs as a teacher and a parent.  But it's my job, to make sure as many of these kids as possible pass this test.  I feel like SCREAMING!

My kids and John are awesome, and that's what keeps me grounded.  They had an awesome month, regardless of what I had going on.  We did plenty of fun things that helped cushion the blows of the month, like concerts, Valentine's celebrations, park time, celebrating Nana's birthday, movies and chaperoning my first middle school dance with John.

I've also been part of some fun wedding preparations for my friend and co-worker Nicole.  My team and a few others threw her an amazing shower, if I do say so myself!  Plus, I got to be part of her Bachelorette party last night.  It's been a great part of the month.  The wedding is next week and I'm really looking forward to it.  I haven't been to a wedding in years...and there couldn't be a more deserving bride! :)

Spring break is next week.  Just got to make it through this week!  I'm gonna dig deep, find my happy-go-lucky attitude to bring class and keep on trucking.  Hopefully Spring break will refresh my soul, renew my energy and I'll find my happy place again.

After Bailey's YOSA concert.
It was amazing!

Getting ready to enjoy Bailey's concert.

Goofing off at Aunt Bev's in Toledo one night.

So much snow in was unreal!

I made it back from Michigan just in time to have Valentine's Day
with my favorite Valentine's!

Someone lost a great big tooth!

After picking up Nana from the airport.  We had a
nice homecoming for her, lunch at Freddy's followed by some park time.

Mommy getting in on some play time.

A Pinterest idea brought to life for the Bridal shower at school.

This was totally our idea that turn out great!
Black butcher paper, chalk, a little tulle doily, under
a simple Ikea lantern with a battery powered votive!  We had to be creative to
throw the shower in an elementary school library!  We also had mason jars with purple flowers on
the black paper with doilies too.

Celebrating Nana's birthday at Grimaldi's.

Group picture day.

Bailey and Savannah's Orchestra pictures came in too!

The 6th grade music department dance.  Yes, middle school is
as awkward as ever!

We did a painting class for Nicole's Bachelorette party.
This was my first real acrylic painting.
 I'm pretty pleased with myself! 

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