Sunday, January 12, 2014

"The Melody of a New Year"

I'm not sure how you all feel about resolutions, but I personally like them. I may not master or complete the resolution, but even the attempt at making life better is enjoyable to me.
Here are just a few of my 2014 resolutions...
~Less technology for all.  Let me start this one by saying, as a mom, I don't allow that much technology and my kids naturally love imaginative play, reading, outside time, arts/crafts and drawing.  That being said, I have been know to let them play on Minecraft for hours or play on the iPad for longer than they should.  I'm just as guilty too...I can get sucked into FB, Instagram, Pinterest and reading blogs for hours.  Real books rock too, I should spend the hours buried in them, while cuddling up with the kids.

Reading buddies.  He helps her wit the words she doesn't know. 
He doesn't tell her, but he coaches her through the pronunciation.
~Dating my kids...I hashtagged this picture with #datingmykids, and then tagged Bailey in the picture.  Totally creeped him out and he tried to make me remove the hashtag and to stop referring to our outings as "dates"!   I love teenagers!  Really though, this dating my kids thing started accidentally and I have no idea why I haven't done it sooner (well, maybe because the first 5 years of being a mother to 4 nearly killed me!  JK!).  On the first Saturday of our Christmas break, I needed to finish up Christmas shopping.  Savannah begged to go and promised to look away if I needed to shop for her.  The boys were totally not interested in shopping and Lorelei was at a sleepover with Brieley.  Savannah and I shopped and lunched and had a wonderful day.  Dating my children had begun.

Handsome and cool...his date was to La Cantera.
Shopping for shoes, window shopping, then lunch at McDonald's all his choice.
He's embarrassed by photos in public, but he let me take this one once we got home.

At Pei Wei's...her favorite!

Savannah and I picked up Lorelei at the end of our date.
We took her to get her ears pierced!

The last stop on my date with the little ones, McDonald's.
They like each other so much, they wanted their time together.  We went to Starbuck's,
Build a Bear and lunch.
~Getting more organized at home is another resolution I have.  I'm sure that's on everyone's resolution list.  I'm taking a few steps to make things easier at home...

Meal month at a time.

Family binder...

Cleaning schedules

Kid's checklist

I have a few others as well...but these are the three I want to put the most energy into.

You can see where my blog post title came from!  In early December Bailey had a photo shoot for a cover story in a local newspaper.  It came out last week!  Wish everyone could see it in person!  It's a well written article.  Bailey has several paragraphs focused specifically on him and his love of music.  We couldn't be prouder!

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