Saturday, December 14, 2013

Must blog...recovery, avoidance and HGTV.

Blogging is a love and a curse.  It's a hobby and like the worst homework you ever had.  I'm a procrastinator by nature, always putting off something till the last minute.  Since I am my own blog administrator, there are no deadlines set, so it is more than easy to say..."I'll blog tomorrow."  I guess tomorrow is today. My apologies for my absence. 

I thought I was going to spend a lot of my recovery time from my hysterectomy writing.  HA! Not quite.  I had no idea what to expect from my surgery.  It actually went quite smoothly.  All pathology came back normal and I had no issues that kept me at the hospital longer than necessary.  I came home and plopped myself in the corner of my very comfy Ikea sectional.  You know that awesome corner of the sectional where you literally sink in...that's my corner.  It now has a permanent indentation from me! ;) I thought, I'd watch a little t.v., read some magazines, finish one of the 6 books I'm half way through and write.  Two of those 4 things were accomplished...t.v. and magazines.  That's it.  I think I really owe my whole recovery to HGTV.  Every time an urge to get up and clean something, or get something for a kid, or put something away, or wash some piling up dishes, I'd say..."just one more House Hunters."  Well...the shows just kept coming..."just one more Property Brothers, or Property Virgins, or House Hunters International".  Then occasionally, I'd switch to the DIY network and it was "just one more Rehab Addict".  You can clearly see why I owe my recovery to HGTV! At this point, I may have enough knowledge gained to rehab a house all by myself!  Lucky for me...I still have 3 weeks of recovery.
My more than patient children at my pre-op appointment. 
We had to wait two hours after a long day at school.
Thanksgiving fell during my first week of recovery...I was still feeling a bit out of it, but there's picture proof it happened.  I was mostly thankful this year that my surgery went so smoothly.
Me (that's a happy drug induced smile) and my honey.

My little loves.


Before I knew, it was time to head back to work (yes I only took two 1/2 weeks off).  I went back Monday and it was probably too soon, but being the control freak I am, especially with my job, I could not longer allow substitutes to be in charge of my class.  Plus, our choir program was this week and after working on it as the assistant director since September, I couldn't miss the final performance.  The pain was worth it.  Each day I have felt better and yesterday was great, my first pain free day!

Now the crunch is on for Christmas.  We decorated a bit last week, although I have some details to finish up and oh, the shopping.  I'm proud of myself though...I had to drop Bailey off at rehearsal this morning at 9:00 and thought it was a great time to hit the stores alone.  But then the reality set in of, I'm not suppose to push a cart yet, getting in and out of the car and stopping and going was going to be to hard on my body, so I came home.  I'm going to go to all the same stores online instead.
Yeah me for knowing my limits.  Plus we have to go back out this afternoon for Bailey's concert.
He has his performance for the TMEA Region 11 Middle School Orchestra.  He's 1st chair viola for the second year in a row.  He also tells me last night, HE HAS A SOLO?????  What!?!?!  Yes, apparently the composer they are playing had a real love of the viola, resulting in his 12 measure plus solo.  He goes on to tell me he hasn't practiced any of his Region music because it's all sight readable!  He practiced for about 20 minutes with his private teacher, but felt between last night's 3 hour rehearsal and today's 4 hour rehearsal, he'd be fine.  This music according to him, is much easier than his YOSA music.  You can see he's my child...procrastination at it's finest folks!

In other big Boyen news...Bailey also got contacts this week.  Wait till you see how handsome he is!!  I'll be sure to get a picture at the concert in  his tux.  :)

I'll try to be a more committed blogger, but I hope my readers cut me a little slack, since I was in recovery mode.  I hope in the new year to upgrade my blog format, maybe even get my own web page and increase my readership and maybe, just maybe earn a little income from it.  I went to my first blog conference in November just before my surgery.  I learned so much it's scary!  It was called BlogIt SA.  I networked and received tons of valuable info.  Hopefully I can get to work on some of those the meantime, this old blog here will have to do the trick!

At the BlogIt conference with Nurse Cathy from school.
 You should check out her blog The Hungry Nurse!

Oh and I forgot to mention...our Elf Finland, has returned and is quite well behaved this year.  I think we got lucky and have a very sweet elf. 
Our weather has been COLD.  I thought we lived in the south!?!

My own little elf helper.

Jonas and Lorelei updates the pictures in our coasters with their Christmas drawing.

We got a new/hand me down tree from my's HUGE! 
That star is actually touching the ceiling.

I love doing the mantel.  Simple and festive.

Playing with matches!?!?  Jonas had issues with this. :)

Sneaky little guy!


Looking out for the mommy!

Of course we have a musical elf!

Jonas said..."I guess he has a new girlfriend this year!"
 Till next time...and I promise (OK maybe I shouldn't promise) to be a better blogger!

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