Sunday, December 29, 2013

Celebrating commitment and love.

22 years in love as a couple, 17 years of marriage, 4 kids, one happy family...
Candlelight dinner!  Isn't that the coolest candle?
We are going to attempt to recreate it.
The waiter asked us at dinner, "What was the secret?".  John said, "Marry a patient woman like me!" Ha! Patient would never be a word I would choose to describe myself. I answered that it came down to friendship.  You can't get through the many curve balls of life and marriage without friendship. We also both mentioned the fact that we were so young when we fell in love (18 and 21), that we grew up together, experienced so many first together. We are truly part of each other, not necessarily the better half, but certainly the other half of each other.  Together we are whole and our children are the icing on the cake, the glue that makes it all stick (alright, enough analogies already!). And of course, the runs deep around here...breath taking love.

We had no real plans to celebrate.  We weren't even sure if we should take the kids or go alone.  We researched some ideas for about an hour, talked to the kids, who other than Lorelei, insisted it was our night and we should go out and celebrate without them. Of course, little Lorelei was ready and willing to tag along, but Savannah did a great job convincing her to let mommy and daddy go alone. We jumped in the car without exactly know where to go.  

We made a last minute decision to go to a great place called the Grey Moss Inn.  We've been several times in the past, but it's been years since we went together.  It's a perfect place for a quiet, romantic dinner.  It's a splurge price wise for sure, but we NEVER go out just the two of us, so it seemed justified, actually, well deserved. What a magical, yet simple night.  We had an incredible meal, wonderful conversation and much needed quiet and alone time.  The waiter went above and beyond to make our meal and evening special.  

A fun side note...the Grey Moss Inn is supposedly haunted.  I knew specifically there had been sightings and issues in the ladies room.  But when you gotta go, you gotta go!  I actually was so nervous, it was comical!  No sightings last night...;)

We went for a short drive after dinner.  We were interrupted by a FaceTime call from Lorelei!  Sweet girl!  She drove home with us the rest of the way and stayed on FaceTime till we walked in the door. We were greeted by much joy and love and lots of questions.  Again...the icing on the cake!  Sugary sweetness.

Here's to another magical year of commitment, friendship and of course, lots of love.

Wow, were we young...this is two years into our
relationship.  Summer of 1993.

20 years later...

A special anniversary treat from the chef...
a super sweet chocolate bark.

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