Thursday, December 26, 2013

Busy little elves...

It's amazing and exhausting just how much energy and effort we all put into making the holidays magical.  Honestly though, I love it...every little detail of it.  Of course, like everyone else, we were quite busy with activities before Christmas. 

There was...

~Multiple concerts to attend

1st Chair Viola for Region 11 Orchestra, which included a solo!

Our little beginner!
My musical duo at their school Christmas concert.
~A tummy bug struck again

Poor Jonas...he got it exactly 2 weeks after Lorelei had it.

~Simple gifts to give
The parent gift my 3rd grade class made.

Simple jar with some chocolates with a free refill,
for Bailey and Savannah's Orchestra teacher.

Jonas put together a great gift for his teacher, Mr. Kallead,
a trout calendar and some animal magnets.
~Sleepy mornings, ready for Winter break
~School Christmas parties

I made this dress for Lorelei two Christmases ago.
Still fits and looks cute!
~Shopping to do
Savannah and I had an awesome mother/daughter bonding day,
Christmas shopping for everyone else!
~Christmas cards to create and send
~big moments and milestones
Lorelei has been begging to get her ears pierced!
She got to as a Christmas present from me!
She had tears for a moment, but then was quite pleased
with the results.

Such a sweet moment caught on camera
by my sister.  She took Lorelei to her neighborhood
Breakfast with Santa.

~Counting down with help from our elf Finland

His last day, Christmas Eve he brought the kids
new jammies.
Tis the season...

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