Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Prep days.

This week is already a blur and it's only Wednesday.  Just like I said before, time seems to be in fast forward once school starts again!  The final prep for back to school at the Boyen's has started!

Sunday, we had a family trip to Office Depot for school supplies and haircuts for the boys.  John came along for school supplies, which was a great help, however it still took us nearly two hours!

Monday, I returned to work for teacher prep days.  I'm teaching 3rd grade this year, which is a change again for me.  Yes...I am a gypsy teacher, changing grades yearly and schools too.  But this year starts my 3rd year at Carson.  I've never been at any elementary school for more than 2 years.  I taught for UTSA for 3 1/2 years and that was a major record!  I'm excited too, because I know this group of kids coming into 3rd because I had them back in 1st!  Our new team is off to great start. After a full day of data, staff development and a team meeting, I headed home just in time to head back out for for Jonas and Lorelei, Target for more school supplies and HEB for some groceries.

Tuesday was full of mini workshops...lots of good stuff to use in the classroom.  While I was sitting and getting, Savannah and her friends were in my room unpacking!  They were such a big help!  I headed home at lunch to get the rest of the kiddos.  My mom joined in too...decorating, while I finished off my workshops.  I spent about 2 hours after my workshops, working together with my mom, Bailey, and the little ones.  The room was finished by 5:30!  Amazing!  Wouldn't have happened without all the teamwork.  My family really came through for me!

Today was convocation!  Think giant pep rally for teachers...inspiration for the new school year.  It's a wonderful way to remind us what we are all really in education for...the kids, of course.  We headed to lunch after, another treat we enjoy during teacher work week.  I was barely back at school, taking team photos, a quick planning meeting, then out the door again to switch back to mommy mode and get Lorelei to gymnastics.

Tomorrow is another full day, more teacher prep in the morning, Savannah's 6th grade orientation, Bailey's audition, and Meet the Teacher for the rest of us.  Bailey's orientation is thankfully on Friday afternoon, wrapping up meeting all the kids teachers.

I'm not entirely ready at home for school to start on Monday.  Both boys still need some new outfits and of course, a trip back to the grocery store to get all the goodies to pack lunches times 5!!

And funny enough, with all this busyness, I'm so relaxed.  I feel positive and confident about all things school.   It's a spectacular way to start off this new academic year of 2013/2014.    

Most of my new 3rd grade team at convocations today!  There's was a 50's theme to it. 

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