Saturday, August 3, 2013

North Myrtle Beach and homecoming.

As if our trip wasn't already fabulous enough, we wrapped up our vacation with a trip to North Myrtle Beach.  Fueled with love and memories from our time with family in Hendersonville, we headed out Sunday afternoon for the beach.  The kids have really become great travelers.  It was about 5 hours from Hendersonville, thanks to some mis-directions on my part, which took us to Myrtle Beach instead of North Myrtle Beach.  I had no idea they were different!!  When we couldn't find the resort we called and the nice lady asked if we typed NORTH Myrtle Beach into the GPS and not just Myrtle Beach.  Oops!  The good part is we realized Myrtle Beach was not really for us...more for the young, partying crowd, not a family of 6!  Now North Myrtle Beach and the Tilghman Resort was family friendly and nearly perfect in every way!

It was late when we arrived and some of us were a bit grouchy from going the wrong way and being lost, but all negative feelings were pushed aside when we stepped into the amazing resort.  And yes it was a booking.yeah moment, because I really did book the resort through!
It did not disappoint!
View from our balcony.

The Atrium outside our room.
The kids were immediately rejuvenated and ready to head to the lazy river even though it was 9:45!

They couldn't get in fast enough!

  Monday started off great!  We got to sleep in and enjoy our balcony.

Kids' Club in full swing with a visit from Sharkie...

Watching Sharkie from a safe distance!  These guys aren't crazy about characters in suits.

Of course our main goal of the day was to hit the beach.  John and Bailey headed to the local IGA to grab some snacks and goodies for the beach.  We got started without them...

By the time John and Bailey joined us...the clouds started rolling in.

Got a short swim in before we had to pack up and head back to the condo.

It rained from 2:30 on...thunder and lightning too!


Nothing that a trip to a souvenir shop can't cure!

I think the thing I enjoyed most on our vacation was my morning coffee.  It always provided an awesome view!
Coffee with a view!

Tuesday turned around and provided us some beautiful weather and waves!

Heading to the waves.

John enjoyed the beach too.
We spent several hours enjoying the ocean, then headed back to the resort to enjoy some amenities.


Beach babes.

Too cool...and sick of having pictures taken!

All cleaned up!

One last walk on the beach.

Smiles for all.

Created by Savannah.

 Our first real vacation had to come to an end, but not without a few detours before reaching home.

On the road again...

We had McDonald's just a few (too many) times on the trip.
 Since we were soooo close to Savannah, Georgia, we decided we had to stop and show the kids the spot where John proposed to me.  Unfortunately there had been a huge front with thunderstorms and flooding that had parked itself right over the Carolinas and Georgia.  Too bad...we are getting out!  Jonas is crying cause it's cold AND rainy!  Plus he had just woke up and was grumpy.
This is the fountain that John proposed to me at!

Not quite the same couple we were 18 years ago...but not looking too shabby!

Savannah had a ball seeing her name all over!

My little family.

Our last stop was Ikea in Houston...and it wasn't my idea!  John is totally in love with that store now! 

Tired, dirty and happy, 24 hours after we left Savannah, Georgia, we arrived home.  Yes, we drove straight through.  At the kids request...they like driving at night, so they can sleep and wake up and almost be there.  They are truly amazing travelers and made this trip a breeze. 

I cannot even really put into words just how awesome this vacation was for us.  I feel like my heart just might burst from all the happiness that is filling it.  These people I call my family, my husband John, my loves, Bailey, Savannah, Jonas and Lorelei...are everything to me.  I am...we are so very blessed.

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