Saturday, February 23, 2013

Extraordinary days!

It's amazing how many moments and memories get packed into these so-called ordinary weeks of our life. Feels like weeks have past since my last post, yet it's only been 11 days! Some days were simple, some we packed full of extraordinary...

Valentine's day was filled with love and hearts!  I started the kids day with our tradition of pink pancakes! 

They each also got a little treat bucket or bag at their spot at the kitchen table, another family tradition.

At school, Jonas and I were both part of another tradition, the wedding of the letter Q and U...a super cute tradition on Valentine's Day at Carson Elementary.  Jonas was the letter Z wedding guest and I was their pianist!!  Notice the bride in the background!?

It was a busy afternoon of track for Bailey (yes he joined the track team for distance running!!  He qualified for the 1st meet with a 2:55 800 meter run!) and the girls had gymnastics.   John was out of town on a round trip to Atlanta.  It was a quiet dinner of heart shaped pizza for us.

The weekend came and Lorelei was definitely beginning to work on some sort of illness.  It appeared to mostly be allergy related again.  But she was miserable. 

Sunday, the San Antonio Symphony was running a student and educator special...only $4.00!  We enjoyed some Brahms.  I knew Lorelei was still not feeling herself though...she fell asleep on my lap during the performance.

Grace and Hannah, some friends from Carson joined us with their parents and Nana went too!

Of course, after the symphony we needed some Starbucks!

While we were at the symphony John was at home putting together some cool Ikea furniture.  On his road trip to Atlanta he stop by their Ikea.  He said it was HUGE!  Twice the size of the one in Round Rock!

Much like our other island...except this one is truly meant to be an island!  It also has an extra shelf which I think we needed.

A simple shelf makes a huge difference in the laundry room.

A nice bench adds some extra room for friends when they are over.

Monday everyone was off but me...I had staff development.  John stayed with the kids.  They just hung out at home, watching too much t.v. and spending too much time on computers, since I wasn't home to monitor!!

Tuesday morning Lorelei woke up feeling worse.  She was up for about 2 hours in the middle of the night, coughing and sniffling.  I should have known then she wasn't going to make it to school.  She woke up with goopy green eyes and ear pain (double eye infection and an ear infection!).  I called and sub and was grateful to have a wonderful student teacher (Stephanie Torres) who I knew could totally handle the day.  John stayed with her while I ran the other kids to school.  When I was leaving school, I found something shocking in the parking lot...4 abandoned kittens.  Two were already dead, but I noticed two were still breathing.  I took those two home and John tried to nurse them back to health.  It looked promising for a few hours.  After we warmed them up, we tried to get them some milk.  The black kitty was the first to pass...suddenly, blood starting coming from it's nose and it passed away in John's hands.  The grey kitty seemed like it had a chance.  It made it through the rest of the afternoon and evening.  I felt like if it made it through the night it had a chance.  It did!!  John was going to work from home and take care of it.  Unfortunately he called at 8:30 a.m. to say the grey kitty got to weak and also passed away.  I was sad, but glad we tried to save them.

She felt so bad...soon after this photo we headed to Dr. Bourland's...antibiotics to the rescue!

The rest of the week was ordinary, till Friday which was Nana's 63rd birthday!!  We celebrated by going out to dinner at Macaroni Grill, a favorite restaurant for birthdays!

At dinner Jonas was feeling kind of yucky.  He was complaining of a headache and felt a bit warm.  We ended dinner and headed home.  He woke with the headache still this morning, but no fever.  He took some extra allergy meds thinking it was his allergies.  This afternoon I had to take both Savannah and Lorelei to birthday parties.  When I got home, this is what I found...

He was nearly 103 on the thermometer!!  Poor baby.  But no other symptoms.  Tylenol helped the fever and headache go away.  He's fine again.  Had spaghetti leftovers for dinner and ice cream for dessert.  He does have an odd red spot in his throat, but nothing else.  Guess we'll wait and see...I'm thinking maybe strep cause he's the only Boyen who still has his tonsils!
This week is going to be full of extraordinary...Savannah has her Talent Show with her band act Tuesday AND  Bailey has his first track meet.  Going to have to miss his track meet, but Nana said she would go.  Savannah is performing in the talent show again on Thursday, so Nana will see her then.  We seem to have something every week these days!!
Keeping busy, staying happy, having an extraordinary life!

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