Saturday, January 26, 2013

Under construction...

John has got the re-modeling bug again and I couldn't be happier!! He's a talented and handy guy. He loves an excuse to learn something new and to buy a new tool of course! He started some projects back in October after taking a break from May. All the painting wore him out (I did help some and so did some professionals). He started with a simple project of putting a stain glass faux film on the windows by the front door. It was fast and not only provided the privacy he was looking for, but it also looks great!

Next project came in December and was a fabulous Christmas present! I got a beautiful farmhouse style porcelain kitchen sink. It's extra big and deep! He got a 7 inch grinder to cut the granite for that project. It was an enormous mess though. The fine dust created by cutting out granite covered everything!! I lost the use of the kitchen for a while, but it was worth it.

Last year, at the end of the winter season our gas fireplace went out. I so badly wanted it fixed. Luckily John found an insert on Craigslist for a great price, thus began the next the fireplace. That started in December and is still not finished, not because John doesn't work on it, but mainly because he keeps re- doing things after changing his mind about one detail or another. He torn out the tile in front if the fireplace, pulled out the old unit, re-plumbed the new unit, discovered there was no insulation behind the unit, installed more insulation than needed, built a support frame and is now finishing the trim work and flooring. I can't wait for the finished project!

While at Home Depot getting fireplace supplies, John got distracted in the paint department and decided to start re-facing the cabinetry. He started with our medicine cabinets first, but plans to do all cabinets and maybe even the doors. It a cool system of distressing by Rustoleum.

Flooring comes next, but we are waiting till spring break to tackle those. He's putting laminate wood floors in hand scraped hickory in the foyer, dining room, powder room, master bath and kitchen. A plush new carpet will be installed in the family room. Bailey opposed wood floors in the family room cause he loves laying on the floor! After some thought, we agreed with him! The floor will be a big job mainly because he'll have to pull out the existing tile! Messy!!

We've been in the house for 2 years and even though there has always been that look of "under construction", it is finally starting to feel like home. John has a ton more ideas for the outside and I haven't even really touched the upstairs!! But... It's still a great place to call home!

Faux stain glass privacy film.

Measure twice, cut once!!!

Adding insulation to the fireplace.

My pretty sink and new faucet!  Doesn't it look great!?

Getting closer...He added the stones at the bottom hearth area too.

Medicine cabinets.

Doesn't everyone use their dining room to paint cabinets!?!?!  Yikes!

Lots of wood flooring getting acclimated to our environment.

Did I mention John is a total slob while working on projects!!

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