Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Birthday Magic...turning 22, I mean 40!

I really feel like my birthday began last night while getting Lorelei ready for bed.  She sweetly said, "Mommy, tomorrow is your birthday.  You're going to be 20 right?"  With I little giggle I replied, "More like 20 times 2!"  She says, "Oh, 22?".  Who am I to burst her bubble??  "Yes sweet girl, 22."  One of the best presents I got!! 

This morning I woke up as usual at 5:30 a.m.  I had morning duty, whether it was my birthday or not.  The kids always pack their lunches on Tuesday night, because we have to leave earlier on duty days (by 6:55 a.m.).  I knew I didn't need to rush too much, because that was done.  I also knew Savannah was up to something.  I heard her alarm go off at 5:30!!  I went ahead and busied myself with my morning routine, giving plenty of warning to Savannah, when I was heading out to the kitchen.  I was pleasantly surprised to find this...

It's always been my tradition to have the kids spots at the kitchen table decorated, with their presents waiting and a special breakfast...and I was so touched that they went to the same trouble for me!  They painted the beautiful canvas and made some homemade cards.  Savannah made me blue pancakes.  :) She even spent her own money to buy me a gift.

She bought me some pretty little spice jars with chalkboard labels!!  She knows I love things for the kitchen and I love jars!!
John of course, worked some of his own birthday magic.  He went missing for about 3 hours Tuesday night.  I even joked on my Facebook status that he was probably out shopping!  He hid pieces of my gifts.
This was hidden under the painting from the kids.
The next bit was hidden in my lunch box, only I didn't have to pack my lunch today because we were ordering Pei Wei for my birthday lunch at school!  Savannah told me she thought I left something in it that I needed and to please check it.  And to my surprise (OK, I really wasn't surprised, but I faked it!), I found this:

This was enough to make my day!!

At school, after duty, I walked into the classroom to 20 students yelling "Happy Birthday!"   I had a lovely Starbuck's coffee and lemon pound cake from my dear friend, who happens to be a parent of one of my students, waiting on my desk! There were also some gifts, like a lovely picture frame and singing card from one of the sweetest girls I've ever taught, Emily! ;) (I know she reads my blog.)  The class worked hard today on some great projects.  My team had a wonderful lunch with me, including a fabulous homemade lemon bundt cake!  It was capped off by me leaving work on time!! 

My mom arrived with Bailey and dinner in hand!  She made a yummy chicken dish with a creamy white wine and mushroom sauce.  My sister Kim and Jeff with Brieley came over too.  My mom got me some of my favorite things, adorable tea cup style measuring cups, an antique milk glass bowl and a shirt and scarf!  My sister got me my very first "mommy" necklace.  It's engraved with all the kids names and has little dangling birthstones.
After dinner, we finished off the rest of the lemon cake with a little singing and candles and a birthday wish for this year! 
Don't you love the hat John got me!
It was really a milestone day (to boot this is my 50th blog post!), a magical day and I can't thank my family, friends, co-workers and students enough!  Turning 22, I mean 40 was fun, fabulous and fantastic!  :)

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  1. Awww happy belated birthday Jen! Sounds like you had a wonderful day! So glad that you have such sweet family to take such good care of you on your birthday :)