Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Around here...

Some happenings around here...

The little ones have been exhausted, adjusting to our school schedule again after two weeks off!!

Horsing around at home as usual.

Relaxing on the weekends...Bailey, Delilah and I were just hanging out watching House Hunters International!!  One of our new favorite shows.

Savannah and some friends (two boys!) formed a little band and auditioned for the school talent show!  They made it of course!  They will be singing Some Nights by Fun.  They sound FABULOUS!!  This is a picture of their rehearsal. 

Savannah was also in the school spelling.  She was 7th place!!  You go girl!  She didn't even study...she's just s great speller.

It's been chilly around here, so I made some delicious homemade soup...Tuscan Chick Pea soup!  It was pretty yummy and vegetarian.  Jonas asked..."where's the meat?" :)

School mornings are not a pleasurable thing around here.  Savannah is probably the hardest to wake up.  I told her she better get up or I was gonna take her picture and post it!!  Ha ha!!

 Movies have been a big things at our house lately.  We've always enjoyed them, but lately is seems we are watching more than usual.  I guess it's the cold weather.  Lorelei was watching The Lorax while holding the Lorax!!  Movies are not complete without the popcorn!  Lorelei is a huge fan of popcorn!!

Jonas was watching The Lorax too...Savannah took this picture with Instagram!  Isn't it wonderful!

For a treat last night I took the kids to Starbuck's for a bedtime snack!  Notice Jonas and Lorelei are in their jammies!  Plus they brought their favorite Christmas presents, their Scentsy Buddies, Patch and Penny.
Savannah enjoyed her hot chocolate and double fudge brownie!

John's been busy with multiple projects around the house...the fireplace (the gas insert died and then the new insert called for some upgrades to the general appearance), refacing the cabinets, starting with the master bath medicine cabinets (from boring brown to antique white) and new flooring!!   I'll keep you posted on those projects.  We have tons of ideas, but limited time.  It's hard to squeeze projects in on the weekends in addition to the usual weekend chores of cleaning and laundry!!   
I'm enjoying my last few weeks in my thirties!!  My birthday is fast approaching..the big 4-0!!  Savannah is planning a Fiesta Forty party for me.  If you don't get an invite...take it up with her! ;)
Well...I'm procrastinating.  I have report cards to finish up.  They are due at 7:45 a.m. tomorrow!!   

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