Saturday, March 3, 2012

So this is what it is like...

to have two kids!  We are having a quiet night around here.  Just the two little ones.  The big kids have quite the social schedule these days.  Forget the play dates of the past, the playgroups where mommy found wonderful lifetime friends.  No,'s a phone call, quick talk with the mom of the other child (sometimes, not always!) and it's a done deal...sleepover!  Savannah's dear friend in 4th grade (it's funny, she always has a best buddy at every school, even though she is at her 3rd school in 5 years!) now invites her for the whole weekend, not just a night.  Bailey too, is off tonight, at his besties from 5th grade's house, for his birthday.  Even though the house is quiet, without the big kids...I do cherish this time with just the little ones.

This afternoon, on our way back from dropping Bailey off at his friends, I took Jonas and Lorelei to Market Days in Old Town Helotes.  We got Jonas a name bracelet, we had ordered in January and some sweet vintage finds...a floral hankie for Lorelei and a Hot Wheel for Jonas.  Mommy even lucked out with a great tote bag, handmade on sale for $15.00! 

On the way home, we stopped by Sonic for some milkshakes!  Yum! 

Once we got home, Lorelei promptly fell asleep for her late afternoon nap.  Jonas had some computer time and I had some "me" time...watching my favorite Food Network show, The Pioneer Woman

For the rest of the evening...a nice Netflix movie and a yummy homemade pizza, just came out of the oven.  Lorelei just woke up (it's 7:30!!), so it may be a late night for her...but that's OK with me.

I'm glad the big kids have some great friends and are build great memories.  I still remember how wonderful it was to have sleepovers and spend weekends with some of the best friends I ever had, in both Ohio and Florida.  I'm glad Bailey and Savannah are having these fun times and friendships.

Jonas and Lorelei at Old Town Helotes Market Days!
But I'm also very glad for these special moments with my two little ones...

Happy Weekend Everyone!

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