Sunday, January 29, 2012

The best laid plans...

I have had many a blog entries going in my head these days.  Great ideas, topics, humorous anecdotes,  but the time to write and post, doesn't always arrive like I plan.  Actually, I'm finding frequently, things don't go as I plan.  What's that famous quote, "the best laid plans of mice and men often go astray".  John says I have expectations, even when I say I don't have expectations.  I get uptight...frustrated, OK, even a little crazy about it all, whatever it may be.  Like if we don't stick to the schedule or the plan, all hell will break lose.  Most of the time, I'm pretty laid back, a go with the flow kinda gal.  But honestly, lately...I'm tense, anxious, uneasy about lots of things in life.  I know you are suppose to live each day to the fullest, cherish every moment.  Easier said than done.

So I close out my 38th year of life tonight and awake in the morning, 39 years old.  Should I make some plans...well, maybe just a few.  I plan to spend my 39th year focusing on me.  Yes, me!  My kids are getting older, more independent.  It's time to reclaim and explore who I am.  I'm going to celebrate just what makes me the woman, mother, wife, daughter and friend that I am.  Someone pointed out to me this week, very profoundly, that I'm happy, but not fulfilled. May this next year fulfill me!

My bucket list for my 39th year!

~ to spend more time writing. Maybe get something published again!
~ to finish some of the things I've started, like decorating and painting this house!
~ to do some of the projects I've pinned on Pinterest!
~finish a quilt I started.
~take a family vacation out of the state of Texas!
~relax and go with the flow more...stop resisting the things that cause my tension.
~to be fulfilled.  To make myself happy and not expect someone else to.

That's a start to my list...maybe I'll keep it short, so I'm sure to complete these plans!  Because we all know, the best laid plans...can go astray.

Happy Birthday to me...


  1. Hello, new follower, saw your message on Kella's blog... your blog sounds interesting.

  2. Oh...I'm flattered!! Thanks!! I really need to make a committment to write at least weekly...trying!! I have a lot a friends on FB that read my blog...not many follow through blogspot, so thanks again!!