Saturday, September 17, 2011

Saturday=lazy day...

Love pictures from behind...Jonas and Lorelei playing on the hill.

Bailey on the riding mower!

You might be a redneck give your daddy a ride on a wagon being pulled by a riding mower!

White Chicken chili!

BFF's reunite!  Friends for 2 years...separated due to changing schools, reunited for the first time since school starting, for a sleepover!
Rain clouds during a drought, yet still nothing! :( should be filled with painting, house cleaning and laundry. Instead I've...
~read an article or two in a magazine
~made some white chili...Yum!
~watched The Pioneer Woman and Sarah 101, (food and decorating!)
~made great family memories with the kids. Bailey's first try on the riding mower! And some fun outdoor time!
~watched rain clouds roll in...such a tease, only a drizzle.
~enjoying listening to my kiddos playing and giggling upstairs, while John is snoring downstairs during his afternoon nap.

Saturday is definitely my favorite day of the week!
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