Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sunday Morning....

Current state of affairs...

I'd like to say it  is a beautiful quiet morning around here.  My sweet monkeys are all still tucked into their beds, dreaming of the excitement of the first day of school tomorrow.  I am armed with my coffee, inspire to reflect a bit on the week behind and the week ahead.  But instead of the morning sounds we are use to hearing in our little slice of hill country (birds, breezes and the like), I am writing to the sound of a paint sprayer.  Yep, a PAINT SPRAYER!  Cause I need that kind of chaos right now, the day before school starts.  Men don't quite understand this whole "timing" thing do they? 

Since John was off this week to watch the kids while I had my teacher work week, he decided it would be a fabulous time to start painting our house.  Granted it IS much needed and I AM appreciative, but really???  NOW???  And it has not gone smoothly by any means.  There have been countless trips to Sherwin Williams, Lowe's and Home Depot.  Decisions about trim colors, ceiling colors, wall colors! After deliberating long and hard at the stores, getting the color home and it being all WRONG!  How hard can it be to find the right shade of white??  Well, there are about 50 shades to choose from (and that's just at one store!)!  And after 3 days of "work", I have a well tented family room that is partially primed.  Funny enough, it looks fabulous already!!  The whole house was painted in builder grade flat beige, with beige ceiling, beige carpet and even beige trim.  Have I mentioned how much I hate beige?  John even jokes if he has to wear khakis to work, he certainly doesn't want to come home to a khaki colored house!  This house doesn't really match our style based on interior choices. The structure is beautiful, tall ceilings, tons of trim, but that does not make for a quick paint job, which is I guess why we hesitated to paint for so long.  After living with it for nearly a year, we finally decided it was time.  Of course, I thought the "time" meant the beginning of the summer, not the week I went back to work.  I imagine this is going to be a very long process.

Summer's over...
Hard to believe it always happens so quickly, this summer break coming to an end thing.  I wished we could have off till at least Labor Day.  But, alas the great state of Texas likes an early start back, even though it is the hottest time of the year and the children will melt at recess.  That being said, I have my classroom ready to go!   But don't think my family life is ready to go, oh not ready in that area!!  So much for balancing family life and career huh?  The house was completely neglected this week because I was barely here!  No Monday cleaning day or regular Wed. grocery trip because I was in workshops and orientations for my kiddos.  No Friday laundry day!!  Now I must cram a weeks worth of "house work" into a single day. Today will be filled with laundry, a bit of cleaning, meal planning and grocery shopping.  the boys still need haircuts and then of course still trying my best to do something fabulous to make it a great, fun last day of summer for the kiddos.  You know, now that I think about it...the toilets will still be dirty tomorrow, but we won't be here to see them...maybe I will blow it off for a memorable day with the kiddos instead!!

It's a big year...Bailey's starting middle school, Jonas starting Kinder, all of us starting new schools!  May our transitions be as smooth as silk...and happy.  That's all a mom wants for everyone to be happy!  Happy end of's to a memorable school year! And here's hoping to finding time to blog about all the wonderful things that will be going on in my family.


  1. My daughter has a teacher with 3 little girls and I am inspired by her every day. People like you are the real heros of the world. Thank you for what you do for our children, but for your own. And you do it with this beautiful zest for life! I definitely vote for blowing off cleaning and soak up as much fun as you can. You deserve it! God bless you as you begin your new school year!

  2. I am amazed at the balancing act you deal with and your positive attitude - wonderful blog to read. Found you at the always dread the end of summer - but time is a natural cycle and it's good to get back into routine and start a new chapter. It also humbles me at my children's rapid growth and how precious this time is when they are little!

  3. Wow...ladies thank so much for reading!! My blog has been slow starting, and finding my "voice" has been challenging, as well as finding time to write, but I am thrilled to have you read it. I feel like I have so much to share, being a teacher and a mom of 4...thanks for the encouraging words!!