Saturday, July 23, 2011

July came in with a boom, and went by in a flash!

Really, July 23rd already?  Where did this month go?  I know how it started...with a BOOM!

On an unplanned, celebratory whim, John and I decided to take the kids, for the 4th of July weekend, to the beach in Port Aransas.  This July 4th marked the 20th anniversary of the night John and I met and we wanted it to be a memorable day again.  So, I placed a call to the Seashell Village Resort in Port A and hoped maybe they would have an available room, (mind you, it's July 3rd...crazy, no hopeful!).  Not only was a room available for two nights, it slept 6 and had a kitchenette!  Perfect, as if it was meant to be.  I quickly packed up (well, as quickly as a mother can pack 4 kids and herself...John, you're on your own!), dropped Delilah, the oversized puppy off with friends and we hit the road! 

It was a great couple of days...we walked to the beach the first night, spent the ENTIRE day at the beach on the 4th!  Yes, we got burnt a little.  We grilled out by the pool at the resort and had traditional hot dogs and hamburgers.  At 8:30 we headed out to find a spot to watch fireworks...and boy, did we get lucky.  Easy parking, perfect view, perfect again, as if it was meant to be.  They were incredible fireworks, the best I've seen in years.  The kids LOVED them!!
Here's some moments captured on film...
Our first was pitch black...I was using my EVO night mode!

The Boyen Beach set-up...looking like we came prepared!

Happy boy!

Savannah building a sand castle.

Lorelei is ready to hit the waves!

Camera shy Bailey's going to try to "belly board".

Beach baby...

Our Boyen Bunch!
Twenty years...still smiling! ;)


This about sums it up...exhausting, in a amazingly, fun and memorable way!
The rest of the month went by so quickly, it's all a blur!  But what an amazing start we had...a July 4th none of us will ever forget, in fact we just might make this the new Boyen tradition...July 4th at the Coast!

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