Monday, June 27, 2011


So I had some big intentions this week, but as life with children is unpredictable, those intentions may not come to fruition.  Today I had hoped for an actual shopping trip of leisure to the...wait for it...MALL.  Not just any mall, but the infamous La Cantera, a heavenly little sanctuary of shopping.  I was even considering a delightful lunch at PF Changs.  These plans were promptly change when Bailey's simple cold, turned ugly.  Full blown sinus infection with both an inner AND outer ear infection.  Did I mention it was oozing when he awoke this morning?  Oh, and the 103 fever was another nice clue our day would not be going as intended.  Well, being a practical woman, I decided if I had to take Bailey to the doctor, I might as well take the girls for their well visits!  Our wonderful doctor promptly confirmed the diagnosis of inner and outer ear infection, with most likely, a ruptured ear drum (hence the oozing!).  That means no swimming for a while.  That's a real bummer, since it has been our main form of entertainment this summer.  Both the girls were great, healthy, growing well, and smart.  Lorelei aced her early childhood development sheet!  Go Lorelei!  With even a compliment from the pediatrician on her lovely drawing of a person,  (a side note...they have to draw a person with at least 5 parts by the age of 5...Lorelei's had 6 at age 4, such a smartie :)!!)  Lorelei bravely had to get 4 vaccinations! OUCH!  But the nurse said she'd never seen a child take it so well, she didn't really cry, just made a terrible red face and said "Ow" quite loudly.  I told her shots were a breeze compared to the other things our little Lorelei has already been through in her short life. 
So we head back home, Bailey's fever spikes to 103.7 and Lorelei now has sore legs.  Dinner, ibuprofen and bed are definitely called for.
As for the rest of the week, I was hoping, intending to paint a room in my house.  I have plenty that need painted: the kitchen/ breakfast room, family room accent wall, Lorelei's room, Jonas' room, Bailey's room, 3 bathroom, the dining room.  I think I'll start with the kitchen.  We spend the most time there and I will get the most pleasure from viewing that room painted. 
I think I'll keep my intentions this week simple, being the week already started out a bit differently than planned.  Perhaps by Friday, Bailey will feel well enough to attempt our shopping and lunch trip.  Any one interested in joining me!?  For painting or shopping! ;)

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