Friday, April 16, 2010

Book in the making...

So, I've been told by a friend that my stories of motherhood and my kids are so darn funny, that I must right a book. She's right, as a mom of four, I really do have countless funny stories and oh, the things my kids have said. Tonight at dinner, out at a local burger joint, we were eating and going about dinner, relatively without a hitch. Suddenly, something irritated Jonas, (I'm sure I told him no for something or another). He proceeded to give me a nasty 4-year old look and raise his elbow to me. This is of course, his way of gearing up to slug me, only he's always been smart enough to NOT actually do it! As he backed off, and headed back to his seat, I calmly took a sip of my beer and looked across at my dear friend Ros (the one who wants me to write the book) and simply stated..."some days, there's just not enough beer in the world." Aha! My book title....
Motherhood: There's not enough beer, or binkies in the world!
Pictured above, the fore mentioned Jonas, only happy and nasty 4 year old look or elbow!

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