Tuesday, March 16, 2010


So far this spring break, I'm wondering just when the "break" part will begin? Do I get a break as a mother of four? Do I want a break? And just what is this "break" from? We started our break with my youngest darling Lorelei, getting her tonsils and adenoids out. It went rather smoothly, I must say. Since we came home, not a lot has happened. Some good sleeping, some laundry, some cleaning, some making of tiny cupcakes (Savannah my 7 year old got the cutest mini cupcake making set from the school book fair!), some playdates and some blog reading. I am trying to find my voice for blogging by reading others and getting ideas. I've always loved writing, always kept journals, that is until the kids came along. Now there's something I took a break from. I also took a break from my other passion, piano. I sat down at my parent's piano about 3 weeks ago, and could barely read the music. Sad since I went to college on a music scholarship for piano. Motherhood causes us to take lots of breaks, whether it is spring or not. And you know, I think that is alright by me. My break today included lots of giggles and cuddles, some yelling and refereeing and always a moment of chaos or two. But as much as I need a break from time to time...I wouldn't change a thing.

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