Monday, March 20, 2017

Happy Spring...

The weather has clearly been indicating here in Texas that Spring has sprung!  There's been plenty of rain, warm sunny days and flowers blooming.  Our mountain laurel is sign that spring break must be around the corner.

The smell is floral grapes.

Our spring break started with a bang...literally!  Jonas had his best buddy Xander's birthday party at a paintball place in Helotes.   I'm not sure he loved the game, but he had fun, mostly hiding behind the barrels!

These two hung out the whole time, happily watching.

Happy birthday Xander!

The after effects on poor Jonas' skinny little legs! Ouch!

The rest of the week was actually pretty low key...We did a bit of shopping, a trip to OP Schnabel for a hike, cousin time at Peter Piper Pizza, a doctor's visit and some homework.

Bailey joined the little ones on the hike.

We knew she was tiny...but this is ridiculous!  Jonas' idea! 🙂

Jonas was a character the whole break.  We had quite a bit of quality time together.  After Lorelei's check in with her sleep specialist, we always make a stop at the toy store in Stone Oak, called Toy Werks.  They didn't buy a thing, but certainly had fun.

I had a quick visit to get some labs drawn, near Tealicious.  Lorelei had tried one with Savannah at the start of Spring break and raved about it to Jonas.  He decided to give it a try too, although he didn't love it as much as Lorelei did.

St. Patrick's day at our house is all about the food.  We had spinach pancakes for breakfast.  They make the pancakes a lovely green, but you can't actually even taste the spinach!  Healthy and festive. For dinner we had corn beef and picture though.

With STAAR testing just next week, both little ones had spring break homework.  I decided to make it a little more interesting by having a "work session" at Starbucks.  Lorelei loved it.  She said she always wanted to have a "work session" at Starbucks like the grown up do!  Best part for me, I was able to read almost uninterrupted for over an hour.

I'm sure you noticed Savannah wasn't with us at all over Spring break.  She was quite busy with friends the whole time.  She takes care of her own photos I have a few to share.

She did spend some time with Lorelei...she let her do her make-up!

She did plenty of shopping with friends...

The only problem with our Spring break was we lost a dear family pet.  Callie, our mischievous Calico cat, has not returned home since last Saturday.  She's an indoor/outdoor cat, who normally spends her nights sleeping soundly on the foot of my bed.  However, she didn't come in Saturday evening like normal.  We had hoped to see her the next morning, but still no Callie.  We began searching our yard and surrounding area every night.  I swear I even heard her Monday evening, meowing from the underbrush, along the dry creek bed alongside our house.  But to great sadness, we couldn't find her anywhere.  I posted to local shelters and apps for missing pets.  I know cats are resourceful and she may be fine and still might even return.  I shed a lot tears over this cute kitty over the past week.  She's a young cat, just over a year old, smart and adventurous.  I can only hope she's on quite an adventurer, but planning to make her way home soon.

This picture is a perfect example of her curious disposition.  She loved to greet Bailey at his car everyday.  Say a little prayer that she might find her way home. 

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