Sunday, February 19, 2017

Count your Blessings

Every night before I put Lorelei to sleep, we lay together, say her prayers and share our gratitudes for the day.  It's one of my favorite moments every day.  She's reflective and thankful for so many little things. It warms my heart.

Each morning, I wake up, usually refreshed and full of energy, ready to find the blessing in the new day.  Our lives are full of so many worries and stresses, but I try my best to wrap my self in armor of thankfulness for my many blessings.

Although each day is full and our schedule is sometimes demanding, I am continuing each day to seek the positives and count my many blessings.

We have had so many fun and wonderful blessings in the past month.  I am way past due for sharing them with you all!

The fifth graders round out their Drama Unit with Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.  Jonas played Albus, Harry Potter's cursed child.  He has certainly caught the acting bug.

Bailey had a mid season YOSA performance at the Tobin.  We love watching him perform there.

Bailey and I were both super impressed by the reception University of Alabama gave at the hotel.  He was sold on the idea and ready to head Tuscaloosa!

Then my birthday rolled around...44 years old.  Yikes!  How did that happen?  One of my favorite presents was the smile on this guys face!  I love him!

We had a fun family dinner at Pei Wei...birthday celebration number 1.

We loved all the fortunes we received!

The next morning was my actual birthday morning (celebration number 2) and the girls kept our birthday tradition going.

My students spoiled me too (celebration number 3)!

My mom made me a yummy steak dinner that night (celebration number 4)!  Plus a lemon favorite!
One of my favorite surprises was a special little treat someone left on my front porch!  After a few guesses...I was able to give a hug to the gift giver of my birthday surprise!

And our final treat for my birthday was a free pizza from Grimaldi's!  Celebration number 5!

We had some other surprises this Lorelei needing glasses!

First pair she tried on...

 Isn't she a cutie!

She also rocked selling Girl Scout cookies!  

We celebrated Valentine's with treats at breakfast and pink pancakes!

The weekends have been wonderful...lots of beautiful weather to enjoy!  Bailey worked for Kona this weekend at the Braun Road 1853 Coffee Market days.  It was neat!

Today was overcast, but still a perfect park day...Jonas wanted to head out to chase some of the new Pokemon!

 Focusing on the positive, and counting my blessings.

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