Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Positively positive...

One focus for 2017...


Funny, I'm still not "positive" it's the right word for me this year, but I'm going with it!

It's everywhere now, lots of people, websites, books on the concept of one word as an intentional focus for your year, instead of a resolution.

This is my 5th year choosing a word to focus my energy on.  My past words have been: happiness, think, peace and believe.  Some years I've done better than others at keeping to my word.  I think from what I've research, I need to make my word more visible; start each day thinking about my word, make an art piece representing my word, a Pinterest Board, journal about it, etc.

Now, I kind of feel like I might be cheating a bit because I am generally a positive person anyway. Lately though, I've been feeling a slow drag to the negative side of life, letting things get me down that shouldn't, not always looking for the good in others, feeling like things are never going to change for the good.  Let's be honest. 2016 was rough!  I need to refresh my attitude to a positively positive one!

One of my favorite quotes so far...(sorry not sure of the original author to give credit to.)

Positive mind, positive vibes, positive life. 

As start this new week, on a Tuesday, instead of a Monday...I'm feeling refreshed from the long weekend and ready to face the challenges of the school week.

Last week had a few positive moments to celebrate for the boys in the Boyen bunch.

Bailey continues to get information and invitations to colleges.  This one actually peaked his interest. What's a Gator mom to do!

And much to my surprise, Jonas won 3rd place in the school spelling bee.  He didn't even study!

Hoping you all find the positive moments in your week!

"Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you'll start having positive results." 

— Willie Nelson

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