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I have a love hate relationship with October.  I adore the season change, the warmth of fall decorations, the birthdays and Halloween.  The "hate" part is mainly because the moments fly by, the month is overly full of events and work obligations like parent/teacher conferences, before you know it, the month is over.  Now we count down till Thanksgiving break, just 10 work days till a week off to catch up on rest, relaxation and whatever else.  We did have many milestones this month like...

Lorelei and Jonas finally mastered riding a bike!  We had to go somewhere flat to learn how.  They both learned in about 15 minutes.  Maybe there is something to be said about waiting for things.

Speaking of waiting on things...Bailey's 17th birthday was a wonderful day off together.  I took him to finally get his driver's license.

Of course he passed!  John and I helped him celebrate by taking him out to lunch at Olive Garden (his choice).  

Halloween is just as fun as ever, even if the kids are getting older.  Lorelei was Princess Leia and Jonas was Ash Ketchum (of Pokemon fame!).

These two went as charming teenagers!

Round one of trick or treating was a fun Hayride out at my sister's and Jeff's neighborhood.

It was a hot October so unfortunately our pumpkins turned to mush and we couldn't exactly carved was more of a dissection!

Round two of trick or treating was in Nana's and Papa's neighborhood...a tradition!

The whole crew...

Just when Halloween ends, we get to celebrate Jonas' birthday.  Unfortunately, the morning of his birthday started with a power outage!  Luckily it came back on just before Jonas woke up.

This boy is 11 and getting to be a real pill!!
Who me?

And his friends are too!  He had a little get together last night to celebrate.  These guys were LOUD! But they clearly had a good time!

This is what happens when you tell a 5th grader not to spit on the cake!  Clown!

Bailey and Savannah just returned from their first "road trip" to the ranch in Junction, all by themselves!!!!  It was successful!  Bailey drove there and back, battling the rain and terrible traffic, he said.  I'm proud of them for being so independent together.

Tonight we head to the Tobin Center to hear Bailey play in his first YOSA concert of the season. But first...I see a nap in my future.  Those 5th grade boys were LOUD and up late.  #boymom :)


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