Saturday, October 15, 2016

October traditions with my little pumpkins...

You see this little pumpkin of mine...small enough to sit on a pumpkin, too interested in a tiny piece of straw to even look at the camera.

Here is the same pumpkin now...still interested in visiting the neighborhood pumpkin patch with her mommy, but clearly those long legs of her's would no longer allow her to sit on a pumpkin.

And then there's this...Geez, I don't even know what to say about this, except you see that devilish look on Lorelei's face?  Yeah...that crazy is still in her.  I'm pretty sure Jonas still gives her that same look when she's acting that way.

When Jonas was just reading over my shoulder and looking at this picture, he mentioned the butterfly effect.  He wondered if he hadn't dressed like a pumpkin for Halloween this particular year, what would be different today.? That just a little taste of the constant thinking that goes on in his head. I knew at this age, just how intelligent Jonas was...some things luckily never change.

Earlier this week I received this reminder.

On this day...thanks Facebook for the constant reminders that time is literally flying by.

Savannah's 4th grade field trip to Sea World, exactly 5 years before...

Lorelei's 4th grade field trip to the Alamo on October 13, 2016.

October traditions include National Night Out.  The whole family went to the pool to enjoy, BBQ from Pedrotti's and multiple food trucks, courtesy of our HOA.  But only Lorelei was willing to pose with her mommy for a picture.

October traditions continue with Orchestra concert season beginning.  What a joy to watch Bailey and Savannah go off together on concert night as a Junior and freshman.  They are both in Varsity this year, Bailey in the upper full orchestra group and Savannah in the lower strings only group.

Jonas and Lorelei get an opportunity to do something together at school this year too. Jonas was selected, with his bestie Xander, to be the director of CTV (Carson TV), our school's morning announcement show.  This was Lorelei's first day on the job as a crew member.

Day 1 and they threw her in front of the camera!!  She did great!

This week has some of our favorite October activities...the Orchestra Spaghetti fundraiser at O'Connor and Spooky Science night at Carson.  Bailey's 17th birthday is just nine days away and then there's Halloween.  

Looking forward to the rest of October's traditions with my little pumpkins.

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