Friday, August 19, 2016

Back to school blessings...

It's quiet in the house right now.  I just got back from dropping Bailey at UTSA to load the buses to head to Mo-Ranch for his YOSA orchestra retreat weekend. Savannah had a late night drop off at a friend's for a sleep over, and the little ones are still fast asleep.  Our lovely principal gave us a few hours off this morning, after a fabulous Meet the Teacher last night.  After leaving school last night around 7:30, we still had several errands to run. We made a trip to Kohl's to spend some Kohl's Cash, my sister generously shared with me, on shoes and back to school clothes. Picked up Bailey from work (he was at Braun Station, running a Kona Ice mini truck for their Meet the Teacher).  We then headed to Wal-Mart to get Bailey some snacks for the weekend, because according to him, camp food makes him sick! While driving to Walmart a friend of Savannah's texted to see if she could sleep over, even though they had been together most of the day!  After a quick drop off of Savannah, we finally arrived home at 10:30!  No one had even eaten dinner.  In all the comings and goings of the day, I might have forgot that I turned on the Crockpot at 7:00 a.m. and failed to use the timer to turn it off.  Jonas and Lorelei graciously ate the extremely dry BBQ pulled chicken sandwiches, whereas I, actually spit my bite out it was so bad!  Sweet kids...

My point, these extra two hours are a huge blessing this morning.  Just enough time to calm myself and let the kiddos sleep in (and Blog!), so we can head back to the classroom today to finish prepping for Monday's Back to School.  There are so many blessings I am grateful for this back to school year of 2016-2107...

This sweet girl started our "prep days" last week.  She's a freshman this year and will be joining her brother at O'Connor High School.  

Looks like she'll be taking good care of him this year!! She made them lunch on prep day because they had to stay for orchestra camp after.  She's such a natural nurturer.

Convocation for Northside this year was amazing!  It was extra special because Jonas was a part of one of the student video clips.  It warmed my heart to see my own kiddos face featured as a student to help us remember just why we teachers do this.  Northside Strong!

I was hit with a creative idea to inspire my students and start the year off with some goals and motivation.  Can't wait to share the final project!

The privilege of being the child of a teacher... being the first ones at Meet the Teacher!
Jonas is in 5th grade with me this year.  He's going to knock Mr. Kline's socks off this year!

Lorelei was eager and excited to meet her new teacher and get started in 4th grade!

Mrs. Castilla is a new teacher to Carson, but already been part of the Carson family because her own kids are or have been students here.

Mrs. Adam's and I are partners this year!  We are teaching in 5th grade our two groups of students. She's teaching them math and science, and I'm teaching them Reading, Language Art and Social Studies.  We are both excited!

The whole 5th grade team, including our Collaborative partners!

I know you all have probably seen some fantastic classrooms out there on the web.  I like to think of mine as fantastic too, but in a simpler form.  My theme is rainbow chalkboard this year.  I change things up since I moved up to 5th grade.

My teacher station...

John painted these adorable rainbow bookshelves for me for my reading center with flexible seating! If you can't find me at the teacher station, I'll probably be back here!  The blank wall is where the inspiring coloring activity will be displayed when complete!

I've got to head in to the classroom now. See the thing is, although everything looks great, I don't actually have any lesson plans done!  :)

Have a great school year friends!

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