Thursday, July 28, 2016

The dog days of summer...

I know you've heard that saying many times, as have I, but I finally looked it up to see exactly what is meant by it.

The best part of that explanation...lethargy and inactivity.  Can you say BORED!?!?  And I don't mean just the kids. There comes a point in the summer where, although you are clearly, not exactly, ready for school to start, you are just not sure what to do with all your time.  There's only so much organizing, home projects, Netflix and Wii you can do!  It's hot...I mean Texas 100+ temperatures for weeks straight. This definitely leads to lethargy and inactivity.  Who wants to even venture outide with those temps! I mean, we love our pool, but have not been as frequently lately due to lack of interest?!?  Can we blame it on the dog days of summer?  I think so...

This isn't to say we haven't partaken in many traditional summer activities, like the amusement park, a baseball game and the beach.  There have been memories made that all children and families should have of summer.

We had a super hot, super fun day at Fiesta Texas using our free passes earned from their reading program.  We went with Jonas' bestie Xander and family.

We were grateful for the water park to not only cool off in, but they loved the water slides!

Really mom...another picture?!?

Lorelei rode the swings 3 times!

Cooling off and fueling up.

It was a fun-filled day!

The kids also completed their San Antonio Library summer reading program. Can you find their names on the wall?

We made it to a Missions baseball game too!

It was super windy, which helped keep us cool!

Jonas and Lorelei got to take part in a cool brain study at UTSA.  They were part of a research study on how the monolingual vs. bilingual brain recalls multiplication facts.  AFter an initial screening, Lorelei didn't qualify but was still reward for her time with a certificate, some small prizes and money.

 Jonas did qualify and Lorelei had fun watching what was going on.

 They got some lunch at Freddy's after too, as a bonus reward from me!

The biggest news of the last few weeks...Bailey got a job!  He's having a blast working for a wonderful family on their Kona Ice truck.  He's becoming a sno-cone master.

We are finishing up some final home projects around here too.  So far we've re-done Savannah's room (see early post) and this week we finished organizing and re-designing Jonas' and Lorelei's room.  We are about to take on the dining room this weekend.  I'm finally creating the simple farmhouse dining room of my dreams!  Can't wait to post pictures.  Hope it turns out like the picture in my head!

To my fellow teacher friends...make the days count!!  These last few dog days of summer.

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