Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Love wins...summer wins.

Love wins...

Before I step into my normal blog routine of catching up on what's going on with the Boyen Bunch, I have to admit I've avoiding writing this post.  I wasn't sure how I could acknowledge what happened in Orlando in a way that shows my love and support?  Jonas was the only child who really watched/listened to the news in the background (while he colored and worked in a dinosaur activity book.)  There was one interview he made me rewind to listen to, (the news was on much of the morning Sunday, while we went about normal home things.)  In the interview, a man who was at the club was recalling what had went on that night.  The details were horrible and frightening, but what Jonas tuned into was one detail, one comment.  I can't quote it exactly, but more or less what the man said was "If we can love our dog's like they are humans and part of our family, why can't we love any individual we want?"  That was such a simple way to put it out is love.  It doesn't matter who or what we love...because love always wins.

Summer wins... is something the Boyen Bunch home is always overflowing with...and we have loved the time we have had together as a family.  Summer has certainly started off right.

We've spent time together doing the things we love like...

Card games.

Plenty of pool time.

Doll makeovers.


Music time.

Adventure time, with a side of music.  Bailey had a YOSA performance at the JW Marriott for an H.E.B. Tournament of Champions event.  It was a beautiful place and we have quite an evening of adventure, music and fun.

Bailey's had his permit for a while, but hasn't done much driving yet, mainly because my car is so huge (a Suburban) and John's car is a stick shift.  My dad finally got a new car and happily handed over the keys to his old Jeep to Bailey!  Now he has a car he can learn to drive on and it's his to keep! Thanks Papa!

The neighborhood had it's annual Summer's Here pool party.

Even though it's summer, this mama teacher makes sure her kiddos stay on top of their game.  We headed to Barnes and Nobles this weekend to get some fun learning/activity workbooks.

Swimming is something ALL of us enjoy, including Bailey.  Savannah snapped a few shots of me in the pool with the kids.  We love our neighborhood pool. (If you haven't figured that out yet!)

Every night before bed Lorelei and I say three things we are grateful for in our lives.  Every night, so far this summer break, I have said I am grateful for summer.  Lorelei giggles and says, "Are you going to say that every night?"  I told her yes.  I'm grateful for the slowing down, that summer break brings...moments to savor the love and grace of my family and kids.

Love wins...summer wins.

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