Monday, May 9, 2016

May-hem, I will survive...

From a funny student of mine...he could probably sense my stress!

Ha ha...get May-hem?  Yeah, I know, punny...I mean funny!  The last 3 weeks have been the kind of busy, that in your head, you know that if you can just survive the mayhem, it'll all be downhill from here.  One more day left in my mayhem and then the count down to summer begins!

I like to participate in after school clubs, particularly ones I know my own kids can benefit from.  For the past few years I've done Solar Cars.  I sponsored the group when Bailey and Savannah were in it, and even one year when I didn't have any kids in it.  This year, Jonas was part of the group.  For whatever reason, solar cars drove me to sleepless nights this year.  I literally would lose sleep on Monday nights, wondering if we could pull these cars off.  Good news...we did and we actually did it well!

Race day was Saturday, April 30.  After many weeks of rain, overcast skies, and an impressive storm the night before, we finally had sunny, clear skies!

Check that off my cars success!  I can finally sleep on Monday nights again and my Tuesday afternoons are free!  Hooray!

The next night, Bailey had his final YOSA Gold Series concert.  Wow...these kids.  Truly amazing!

Next on the list for May-hem...Lorelei's birthday!  My sweet girl turned 9.  I wrote a previous post, called My Baby.  She is and always will be my baby.  I just love this girl's feisty-ness!

The morning of her birthday...traditions!  I always decorate their spot at the table and in the last few years we've added the blow up birthday cake with presents.

 I love that she still loves dolls!  (So do I actually!)

On the morning announcements...she was scared to death!

Her classmates singing to her before having ice cream sandwiches.

Her favorite dinner her new favorite doll.

 For her birthday treat all she wanted was her very own pint of ice cream!!

All this same week was also teacher appreciation...we were celebrated and honored as heroes.  Wow, was I spoiled!!

Savannah had her first Solo and Ensemble competition.  She scored a 1+, a score given to very few musicians.  She was so thrilled and I was so proud!

John's birthday was on Friday, as well as a birthday/slumber party to celebrate Lorelei's birthday.  

You are never too old for the birthday table decorating at this house!

Party time...

He was a hit with the girls!!
 The aftermath...

 We barely survived...;)

Recovery time...

Yesterday was Mother's Day and my kids always find a way to make me feel special...

Jonas, Lorelei and I had STAAR testing today and again tomorrow.  Bailey has two AP tests this week for college credit, and Savannah has two STAAR tests of her own, Wednesday and Thursday.

I just looked at the calendar and realize it's only May 9th!!  Who knew you could squeeze that much action into just a few weeks.

Even if May isn't even half over, I know the mayhem is coming to an end.

Good luck friends...enjoy the merry month of May!

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  1. it s party time and it looks very long a day